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Recently, I blogged about Alice and since then I've been exploring the different books that you can get to use while teaching Alice.

The book that I'll be using with my students is called Learning to Program with Alice by Wanda Dunn, Stephen Cooper, and Randy Pausch. ISBN 0-13-187289-3 Pearson Prentice Hall.  The book comes with instructor resources and  sample syllabi which I found to be very helpful.  The book is broken down into 4 parts. Part 1 is an Introduction to Alice; Part 2 Object-Oriented and Event Driven Programming Concepts; Part 3 Using Functions and Control Statements; and Part 4 Advanced Topics.

The instructions in the book are very clear and the exercises and projects are creative and fun for the students to do.

The other book that I considered was by Shelly, Cashman and Herbert called Alice 2.0 Introductory Concepts and Techniques. ISBN 978-1-4188-5934-3 Thompson Course Technology. I've used Shelly & Cashman books in the past and I respect the authors very much.

This book has 4 parts and were called Exploring Alice and Object Oriented Programming, Developing Software Methods, Programming with Logical Structures and Event Driven Programming with Alice. If you have used Shelly and Cashman books before then you'll be familiar with the In the lab and Cases and Places sections located at the back of each chapter.

I did like this book a lot but I needed a book that had more exercises for the students and my first choice book had this.

The other books that I looked at was An Introduction to Programming Using Alice by Charles W. Herbert.
ISBN: 1-4188-3625-7 Thomson Course Technology

This book had 8 parts:

1. An Introduction to Alice and Object-Oriented Programming
2. Developing Methods in Alice
3. Events in Three-Dimensional Space
4. The Logical Structure of Algorithms
5. Boolean Logic in Programming
6. Text and Sound in Alice Worlds
7. Recursive Algorithms
8. Lists and Arrays in Alice

This book covered the basics but I liked the exercises in my first book choice better.

Finally, Joel Adams has a book called Alice in Action: Computing with Animation ISBN: 1-4188-3771-7 Thomson Course Technology

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Alice
  • Chapter 2: Methods
  • Chapter 3: Variables and Functions
  • Chapter 4: Flow Control
  • Chapter 5: Lists and Arrays
  • Chapter 6: Events
  • This book covers the basics of Alice with exercises to do at the end of the chapter.


    The Learning to Program With Alice has been around the longest and several school have adopted the book as well. All in all, these books should help your students learn object oriented programming 3d style using Alice.


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