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Several years ago, I attended a conference and learned about this free product called Jelliot which was used to visually show students what happens to variables when the program compiles.  Since that time I have used Jelliot with my students and it has been a great way for students to learn about conditional statements, loops etc. One drawback is that it doesn't use the scanner class for input/output and you need to use their own  There is an FAQ section that lists what it can and can not do.

For some reason I went to the site to see if I had the latest version of the product and I discovered that you can use Jelliot from within the BlueJ environment. BlueJ is an IDE that many high school classes use to teach our students.

Jelliot provides you with a .jar file that you copy to C:\Program Files\BlueJ\lib\extensions Next, you load your BlueJ Project and then compile your class file and click on tools and then selelct Run Jelliot and now your program will exit from BlueJ and go to the Jelliot Screen like below.


Editor window with Jeliot Plugin Running


Please note that you can only load one class file in your project when using Jelliot. If you teach JAVA and want your students to visually see how the program works then take a look at Jelliot.



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