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What is it about new things that aren’t out yet and you want to talk about them anyways? I’ve been thinking about the new features in Vista and how students can use them. I’ve also been thinking about school’s technology departments and how they will like or dislike Vista.

 Students will like the new interface. Who wouldn’t?  They will also like the photo gallery to keep their pictures organized. It’s amazing how many pictures teenagers take! Many already use Flickr or Kodak gallery to share their pictures with friends.

They will also like the  Instant Search feature to find things  Also being able to tag Photos with keyword tags is nice.

For those students who have tablets they will like the sticky note feature to write notes.  They might also like the Meeting Space that comes with Vista. They can have online conferences with study buddies and share their desktop and files as well.

I’m not sure if IE7 will go over big with students. Most of them use Firefox and may not change back.  I do know that some students will hate the parent controls for blocking games and parent controls  for time limits using the pc.  I'm also not sure if they will like the new speech recognition that comes with the product.

Technology personnel will like the new security features which includes Microsoft Defender (antispyware) and Internet Explorer 7 (which includes a phishing filter and antispoofing technology), as well as Microsoft Windows Firewall technology.

They won’t like the  new price they will need to pay for new pc’s to run  Vista because of system requirements.  In addition, they won’t like to have to wait for drivers to be created if they don’t work right out of the box with Vista.

Vista might be a slow sell to schools but to me it’s worth getting whenever it releases.


Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2006 11:46 AM Teaching with ASP.NET , Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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