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FREE XNA Book  by Mike Fleischauer


Another good resource is They have some video tutorials to review  along with a book that Mike Fleischauer is writing and posting chapters on the site that he’s written along with code samples as well.

The book is an easy read with less than twenty pages each chapter. The first chapter reviews the basics of XNA and is a good introduction to using Visual C# Express.

Chapter 2 reviews graphics and sprites.  He does an excellent job reviewing transparent blits and using the DirectX Texture Tool. Not all of the code that was used in the chapter were explained so I’ll need to investigate further certain lines of code that I didn’t understand. Chapter 3 deals with movement of sprites with the keyboard, mouse, and 360 game controller. I’ll need to get a game controller to work with that part of the code.  The final chapter that I read was Chapter 4 which deals with Sound. This chapter directs you to the Microsoft Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT) and shows you how to create a sound file using this tool.  The last part of the chapter describes the code that is needed in XNA to incorporate sound to your game.  All in all, it looks like a good resource book that my students could use as they start learning XNA.

I’m thinking about having each Friday to be used to learn XNA. Currently in my AP Computer Science class, we are still reviewing Decision making statements and still need to review iteration. I hope to get my students learning a little of XNA next month. Hopefully!



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