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Thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers and sponsors who made this fifth annual event another huge success.

Thanks to all of the speakers, many of whom paid for their own travel and lodging in exchange for free chicken & waffles. My favorites were:

  • Alex Papadimoulis:
    • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Talk on Ugly Code)
      Got myself a “WFT” mug!
    • NuGet for the Enterprise
      Thanks for harshing my NuGet buzz, man! Alex alerted us to some of this shiny new toy’s gotchas that my team hadn’t run into yet.
  • Javier Lozano: Advanced ASP.NET MVC
    We don’t get enough advanced presentations at regional developer conferences, in my opinion. I learned a couple of new tricks from Javier’s presentation.
  • Mike Eaton: XAML Styles and Templates: Make your apps shine!
    Even though “Get serious about XAML” has been near the top of my to-do list for about five years now, I just completed my first real WFP app. Thanks to Mike for showing me how I should have handled styling.

  • Cory House: Building Secure Web Applications in .NET
    Damn, internets– Why U so evil!?

  • Steve Bohlen: .NET Productivity Gateway Drugs: Becoming a Pusher instead of just a User of Generics and Lambda Expressions
    I’ve seen Steve several times now, and think he may be the best .NET speaker around.

  • Lee Brandt: MVC4, WebAPI and the REST of the Story
    Thanks to Lee, the organizer of the great Kansas City Developer’s Conference, for making the drive over from Missour-uh to Missour-ee.

  • Jennifer Marsman: Getting Started with Windows 8 Development
    Much FUD was dispersed by this extremely energetic MS evangelist whose blood type is apparently “Red Bull”
  • Ted Neward: Busy Developer's Guide to NodeJS
    Best Crockfordian summary of the non-naughty bits of JavaScript (whoops – I forgot – the smart guys call it ECMAScript) I’ve ever seen

A couple of minor quibbles about the venue:

  • I don’t know why the walls between section of the Discovery room weren’t closed all the way this year. The sound bleed-through from the presentation on the other side was distracting.
  • Ameristar, that’s NOT how you do chicken & waffles

I’ve collected a few links to slides, code, and video recordings of some of these presentations from other events:

  • James Hare’s “Little Wonders” and “Of Lambdas and LINQ” – slides & code
  • Scott Kuhn’s “Cross-Platform Mobile Development” – slides
  • Nicholas Cloud’s “Going Postal with Postal.js” – slides & code / video from his St. Louis JavaScript Meetup presentation
  • Phil Japikse’s “SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals”, “Implementing M-V-VM for WPF” and “WPF for Developers” – slides & code
  • Alex Papadimoulis’ “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Talk on Ugly Code)” – video from InfoQ
  • Cory House’s “Clean Code – Writing Code for Humans” / “Building Secure Web Applications” – slides & code
  • Jay Harris’ “Going for Speed: Testing for Performance” – slides
  • Michael Friis’ “Making your Application Cloud-ready” – video from NDC
  • Steve Bohlen:
    “Behavior-Driven Development: Turning User Stories into Executable Specifications” – video from
    “Taming Your Dependencies with Inversion of Control Containers” – slides and code
  • Ian Lackey’s “Sharing is Caring: Code Reuse in XAML Applications” – slides
  • Michael Querimit’s “JumpStart: Application Lifecycle Management and Team Foundation Server” – slides
  • Clint Edmonson’s "Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machines", "Windows Azure Jumpstart", "Architecting Scalable Applications in the Cloud", "Peering through the Clouds - Cloud Architectures You Need to Master” – slides
  • Jennifer Marsman’s Windows 8 “Contoso Cookbook” slides and samples
  • Beth Massi’s Lightswitch webcast and TechEd video

…and if the St. Louis Days of .NET has you jonesin’ to cram your brain with more .NETty goodness, for more, why not roll your own free .NET technical conference?

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