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Thanks to the KC development community for a great free event. The Johnson County Community College provided very nice facilities.

I’m the sort of guy who would willingly drive 4+ hours each way for a free XL (or “developer medium”, as Richard Campbell calls it) T-shirt, but got a lot more than that out of the event. Here's a recap of the sessions I attended:

Why Kanban?

speaker: Troy Tuttle

Troy is a “pragmatic agilist” at AdventureTech (not AdventureWorks – I was distracted for a while by my mistaken impression that Troy worked for a fictional Microsoft demo company – By the way, please don’t check the part of my resume that includes my work history at Contoso and Northwinds ;).

I vaguely knew that Kanban was based on Japanese lean manufacturing and involved Post-it notes on whiteboards, but that was about it. Troy did a nice job of giving me a better picture of Kanban. It looked like his slides were pretty similar to the deck from his Topeka DNUG presentation, so I’ll take a look at those to try to keep what I learned in my brain for more than a few days.

The Zen of ASP.NET and MVC

speaker: Javier Lozano

I had listened to Javier being interview on Hanselminutes during the drive from St. Louis, so it was fun to meet him in person a few hours later. He presented a nice overview of why MVC is such an improvement over WebForms (even without his MVC Turbine plug-in, which he refrained from pimping :)

TDD with SpecFlow, a Cucumber-like Tool for .NET

speaker: Darren Cauthon

A friend of mine has been blogging about how much he likes Cucumber, but he’s much more a Ruby wannabe than I am, so I hadn’t looked into it much. I was impressed Darren’s demonstration of how SpecFlow works with NUnit to make it easy to turn English language (or English-esque “Gherkin” language, anyway) into testable specs and produces results that customers and developers alike can understand. Darren says this was his first presentation, which is hard to believe – he did a great job. I hope he’ll consider applying for a speaker slot at the St. Louis Day of .NET.

Design by Compartment

speaker: George Westwater

George presented a very thought-provoking talk about Design by Compartment, a pragmatic alternative to DDD.

jQuery and JSSpec

speaker: Phil Japikse

Phil’s presentation was subtitled “Making the Web Developer Friendly” (which can be pronounced as either:
“Making the Web Developer-Friendly” or:
“Making the Web Developer Friendly”).

I heart jQuery. I think John Resig should be awarded a Nobel Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I wasn’t familiar with JSSpec, though. It’s a BDD framework for testing JavaScript. I’ve been putting off the question of how to test my JavaScript code. Thanks to Phil for letting me know one way to tackle that task.

The only suggestion I can make for an improvement to the KCDC (I assume there will be more – it sure looked like a success to me) is to say on the web site exactly where the conference is located. I circled the campus for a while before finding a collection of cars that looked sufficiently geeky enough to tell me that which building to report to ;)

Thanks again, KC, and I hope some of you will make the trip to the St. Louis Day(s) of .NET in August.

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