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Like many ASP.NET developers, I’ve gotten by for years knowing just enough JavaScript to get by. I’ve spent many frustrating hours cursing the language, when the problem was not really JavaScript (although it has more than its share of weirdness), but my assumption that I knew how it worked, just because it looks like C#.

Now, thanks in large part to jQuery, I actually enjoy client-side programming.

jQuery makes things so much easier (replacing dozens of lines of code that I painstakingly figured out in the past, “Rhino book” at my side), that it almost seems like magic. I don’t trust magic though, so I’ve been making an effort to learn how JavaScript really works, and the best practices for working with it.

Douglas Crockford’s “JavaScript: The Good Parts” should be required reading for any web developer. It’s a short book, and this video is a great summary of the main points.

This presentation by Sergio Pereira is also a very good overview of JavaScript programming.

Another very interesting video is Learn jQuery with FireBug, jQuerify and SelectorGadget by Dave Ward, with Craig Shoemaker.

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