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Scott W. Ambler, is cool on experienced stuff , he describes what's best to use in different aspects using all components of Rambugh methods and with other models.

Highlights could be

-->  Author is more specific on language, which is very cute thing, while using auto code converters this could help a lot.

eg: Public attributes and functions of an interfaces is yet not supported by Java language, while if we put class diagram interfaces with these, this diagram may not be used for this language.

--> He puts a barriage between the thinking interms of class idenitfication,
 (responsibility-driven and data-driven)
  --> A class could be created with attribute and operations (behavior)

  --> on other aspect , it could be created with logical aspect like  responsibility driven with an exaple as  the Invoice class is responsible for providing its total,
 and other things or operations will be help this responsibility.

Read more here: 


Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2004 11:30 AM C# | Back to top

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