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Scoble wrote today about the “Map Wars.”

He asks, “What's next?” in this field.

Well I know what I think should be next...

A Map Wiki.

Think about it... Take a good map implementation like Google Maps, or something like Microsoft's TerraServer combined with MapPoint - and add a Wiki-style overlay to it.

Let people add places that are important to them to the map server, just like lets people add information.  With links.  And the ability to find specific place.

So if I want to tell people how to get to WaterFest - I would look at the map for Englishtown and find Raceway Park.  Then when someone goes to Google Maps (or MSN MapPoint, or wherever) they could put in their current location and ask for directions to “waterfest” or “Waterfest 11” and get directions to the raceway!

People could also add events, tied to specific times.  So I could look at the WikiMap's view of Englishtown, NJ for July 15-17, and see what else is going on then.  Maybe I'd find a nearby Jazz festival, or a .NET Users Group meeting, or maybe even a Geek Dinner.

Even better, someone could type in “waterfest” on Google or MSN Search, and have “Click here for directions to WaterFest” show up as a special link.


So what do you think?  Would you like a searchable WikiMap?

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