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I have been itching to blog about the new stuff coming and then I experienced some technical difficulties, but now it is time.


The demo of the awesome tool Photosynth is now available to play with by downloading it from here. I have been following this one and let me tell you - it rocks. For a photographer (pro or hobby), Photosynth is something that will make showing off your photos and finding out what you missed when you were shooting a scene pretty interesting.  The demo looks hot on my new HP nc8430 too.

Coming soon to a computer near you... Microsoft Expression Web. I am particularly interested in the new line of Expressions products and will be playing with this one soon.


Oh and of course, Zune! I guess I have been a late comer to the world of portable media and no, I don't own an IPod. I am excited about the new Zune and an upgrade from 1GB to 30GB sounds great to me. It looks cool, they are highlighting bands I like and a 3 inch screen is great for long plane rides with bad movie selections. Plus, I have to say, I like the brown!  

Posted on Monday, November 13, 2006 1:36 PM Technology | Back to top

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