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Sometimes you take a moment (or you get distracted from what you are suppose to be doing) and remember a few of the little things that you are thankful for and that make life worth living!  Here is a short list.  Please feel free to comment and add some more.

Candyboots and the Mackerelly! I still get comments regularly thanking me for pointing people to is worth the tour. Makes me cry laughing every time.

Standing on top of the Barcelona Cathedral.  The best, most cramped and hardest to find elevator ride in Barcelona is its accompaniment. I still can't believe they let you go up there.

A little side trip in Sau Paulo that was framed by an old fashioned cash register, large dragon sculpture, too much champagne and a clandestine moment (or two). Those of you who were there lived to never tell the tale. 

Sushi with fantastic Japanese hosts who promised I was not eating the potentially fatal blowfish! And don't forget about the Saki.

A summer day full of mead and madness!

Waterfalls that go for miles, dancing on the beach, eating stingray on the street, getting shots with the team, seeing shooting stars, and realizing how long you have known your friends!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2004 9:31 PM Interesting Random Things | Back to top

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