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I've been doing some reading about Van Jacobsen's concept of content centric networking lately and i find the idea to be really fascinating and potentially transformative.  This morning i came across an interview with Robert Kahn regarding his Digital Object Architecture.

At first glance these two concepts seem to be two heads of the same coin (making content a first-class citizen of the network) but i find concent centric networking to be a more compelling concept.  Any experts (or just opinionated people) on either side out there ?  Do these ideas coexist peacefully or should it be one or the other?  What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?  Are either being used outside of research environments?  I'd be curious to hear your thoughts and get a conversation going
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I don't believe they coexist peacefully. For me the one of the most important aspects of Content-centric networking(CCN) is not caring who or where peers get named data from, they just broadcast an interest and another peer replies or broadcasts a further interest to it's neighbors on behalf of the first peer. Repeating the process until the data is found, then relayed and cached along the way, thereby decentralizing and localizing the data for subsequent interests and eliminating host addresses (IP) as a bottleneck.

Whereas Digital Object Architecture appears to place emphasis on Handle Systems that act like centralized name servers that then respond with lists of IP repositories the data object is available from. CCN decentralizes both the naming and the data.

I am very interested in hearing what other people think of CCN and chiming in where I can so I've created a Google Group for anyone interested in discussing CCN or CCN-like architectures.
Left by Craig Overend on May 27, 2009 1:47 PM

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