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With my Best Buy gift card (thanks Jeff!), I bought Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and GuildWars.

HMM5 is a mixed bag. The combat is cool and a little more strategic than in the past. The world view part of the game I don't like as much. Instead of multiple heroes and towns that you can capture and manage, you are a hero on a very small map with a definite, severely restricted collision path, all in close-up. As the hero, you basically walk the path and fight whatever you come up against. Then the battle ensues. No city building or management, only one party, and a very restricted, scripted gameplay (no skirmish mode). It's ok, but it just makes me want to create my own game!!

GuildWars is cool, however, and makes several intriguing changes to the typical MMORPG. Once you purchase the game you have no monthly fees! And the most interesting thing is that when you leave the city you (and your group) are in your own instance of the game (my friend says WOW also has this). No spawn camping, and no seeing multitudes of people running in front of you. Unfortunately that also makes the game world seem really big and somewhat lifeless. But another cool thing is that you can draw on the bird's eye map with your mouse and your group can see the markups - sort of like Live Meeting in the game world. Overall cool game and I don't have to worry about paying monthly fees when I can't play for a few weeks during a particularly difficult MBA class. Posted on Monday, July 24, 2006 1:58 PM | Back to top

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