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Alot of talk in the blogosphere lately about the userfulness of UML. The general consensus is that - "if it can't generate code, it isn't worth using". Microsoft even says so in their Team Modeling Strategy : Microsoft Modeling Strategy
Well, I would partially disagree. True, UML usually doesn't generate code, but that doesn't mean it is not useful!

I use UML for use case diagrams to get users on the same page, and class and data diagrams early in the design process so that I can get my mind around the design. Once I start writing classes, I usually disgard the UML because it is too dfifficult to manually keep up to date with my code, and I usually move to ERD's and TRM's for my data diagrams (I am using Oracle DB, so that is similar to what Oracle uses, so many people in our organization understands them). I use Visio for the UML. I have tried many freeware and even paid modules to generate code, but they always seem to fall short. I find them creating diagrams on my code rather than vice versa.

I also recommend Scott Ambler's Agile Modeling book, particularly "Agile Modeling" and the poorly titled "The Object Primer - Agile Model-Driven Development". Posted on Monday, August 29, 2005 10:56 PM | Back to top

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