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Mark whose team delivers WSE blogged today about WSE 3.0 RTM. Congratulations J  

We require to ship the WSE runtime as a prerequisite for our smart client app hence I had to evaluate whether we can use the bootstrapper installer to install WSE.
WSE 3.0 installs the bootstrapper relevant packages which is sweet but I noticed that it does not support install from the component vendor web site which means you end up hosting the runtime redist as part of your install package.

 Listed below is what I did to fix (read hack) and get going with what we needed to do.

 1. First thing first you would need to update the Product.xml file which contains information as to what type of install support is available.

<PackageFiles CopyAllPackageFiles="true">
      -- Once we droped, we should define the HomeSite-->
            Name="Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime.msi" 
            HomeSite="WSE3_0Msi" PublicKey="30820..[truncated]"/>
      -- <PackageFile Name="Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime.msi"/> -->

2. Basically went to the download site and checked the source of this download page to identify the specific url from where the MSI is downloaded.

3. Edited the Package.xml file so that homesite reference is available when the bootstrapper is built with the following change. Add this String element to the Strings list.

<String Name="WSE3_0Msi"> WSE 3.0 Runtime.msi

NOTE: This url may change; we are not going to prod right now so I guess by then I shall have a “” url.

Interesting that though everything works the VS build reports a warning that the public key token is not matching between what is defined in the Product.xml and what is actually in the bootstrapper folder’s MSI.

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2005 9:03 PM Technical | Back to top

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The public key in that the msi file is signed with is different than what's in product.xml.
Left by Chris on Jul 24, 2006 1:05 PM

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