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From years I am using Idea network, In 2015 everytime I recharge my prepaid SIM, They provide 10 MB Whatsapp, 10 MB Facebook , 20 MB internet. Check the screenshot of this cheap trick played by these company before net neutrality.

Few days ago I go to a Vodafone store where I have been told to pay 120 INR for replace the sim. I ask why I need to pay 120 INR when other provider changing it at no cost.

They answered, 120 INR charged for anti virus protection for 3 device and a phone (anti-virus). In #Windows10 and Linux world I am paying for some protection to vodafone. I told them how I can opt-out from this. They say it isn't possible.

I pay them 120 + 50 (for a recharge). Now I didn't get a bill.  I told them where is the bill. They say bill is not provided for prepaid. First time in my life I see a company refusing for giving the bill for taking the money. They told me that I will get a mail on my email. till now I didn't get any update from the company.

Some jerks from vodafone talk with me on #Twitter to show that they are helping. My issue now have a tracking number but I didn't any help.

Update: 1 January 2020

I go to the store and tell where is your anti-virus. I am interested to see what kind of crappy shi* they are making which I am paying for even  I don't want to buy?, The person show me the Excel Sheet in which they mistype the name. Even they have docs in which they name, I tell the spelling the name in my email but super talent staff can't type. Great, I wish you guys make Vodafone bankrupt too.

Update 4 January 2020.

Still got nothing on mail. If you reply to The Vodafone, they will replied the same thing but never get back to you. If you really want to want a better service buy airtel or jio (also check what is working in your area).

The days of Vodafone and Idea is gone, In which can fool the customer. I don't want to use their service anymore. There are alternative which work better. Idea is already bankrupt. Vodafone will become one because they don't serve any service #useless. 

Bye Bye Vodafone. Now Sell your service to Alien, They will come with the speed of your customer service.
Posted on Saturday, January 4, 2020 7:24 PM vodafone , loot , thief , bad-customer-experience | Back to top

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