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Anirudha gupta March 2015 Entries
Guvera Bugs Sucks and my incident with Guvera (Charge me 1447.39 INR and my account still not paid account)
Finding a good Music streaming is really so hard. Today I play guvera and thing to let use it for future. Now See what it happen to me. First I tried to pay it doesn’t work. I tell the support and it telling me that give us error so we look into it. It’s error 25004 Payment failed. It’s working on other site but not in Guvera. I thing it’s hourly issues and it’s maybe has fixed now. I tried to payment again and they charge me 1447.39 (49.91 29 times on same date). the phone that is registered continuously ......

Posted On Monday, March 30, 2015 7:11 PM

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