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This is another x64 issue where I was really surprised that it does exist. When you compile in VS2010/MsBuild a managed target for which the corresponding serialization assembly is generated you will find that all works until you try to compile for 64 bit. There you will get: "SGEN : error : An attempt was made to load an assembly with an incorrect format: xxxx.dll." Here is the 32 bit SGen is called for the 64 bit target which cannot load a 64 bit assembly. I have no idea why MS did not provide ......

Whenever I do use Visual Studio and try to compile something under 64 bit I run into problems. It seems that most MS Devs for Visual Studio and the relevant tool chain are still mainly writing 32 bit applications. Here are some of the latest issues I did run into. COM applications targeting x64 are still using x32 as target platform for the MIDL compiler by default Resolution: You have to select in the UI MIDL – Target Environment X64 by yourself. Alternatively you can edit the vcxproj file directly ......

Threading was never so easy since .NET 4 with the TPL has been released. I know I am a bit late but there are so many nice things which might still be new to many of us. The IEnumerable interface has become famous with the introduction of LINQ but many of us have not yet realized that IEnumerable<T> and T[] or List<T> can be exchanged in many cases but there are cases where it is important to fall back to a pure IEnumerable<T> if you want to support lazy evaluation. .NET 4 has for ......