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I'm lucky enough to get to dabble with the Surface SDK, so I figured, let's try and install it on my MacBook
Pro running Windows 7..... Very simple install. No tricks needed and now I have the Surface simulator running on my Windows 7 MacBook. Very nice.

A laptop is great for running the Surface simulator since to simulate two touchpoints you need two mice. The trackpad is one, and you only need to plug in an additional USB mouse to get the other. The trackpad as a second mouse for Surface work seems easier. When using two standard mice my left hand (I'm right handed) always has trouble with the mouse. It's hard to hold and seems unnatural. In contrast, a finger on the trackpad is ok with my left hand.

The only thing that would make this setup even better would be if Windows 7 and the Surface simulator could take advantage of the multi-touch capabilites of the MacBook Pro trackpad. I figure this is a driver issue, and I'm sure Apple is in no rush to write a driver for the tracepad that exposes its multi-touch capabilites to Windows 7, but still I guy can dream... ;)


Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:49 PM | Back to top

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