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So, as a thousand bloggers have probably already blogged.... Today at PDC was all about the cloud: Windows Azure. Not sure where MS is going with this, but it is interesting. I've got a couple of ideas for things I might want to try out with it on my personal time...

More interesting to me and my immediate development projects was ASP.NET MVC. This is what my project wanted a year and a half ago and on ASP.NET 2.0... Oh well, better late than never.

Also interesting was MS's support of jQuery. Why my current project went with Prototype, if Microsoft is going to support jQuery in the IDE and use jQuery in example projects it might be worth looking at switching over. At the very least it's interesting seeing Microsoft involved with an open source project.....

Tomorrow we get "the goods", USB hard drives with Window 7 on them. That should be interesting....

More tomorrow

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