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Ok, so Nima Dilmaghani needs to work on his presentation skills...

Nima gave two talks today at VS Live about Vista development--a subject I was quite interested in. But man, watching his presentations (both of them!) was just painful. It appeared he had done no preparation, and he was unfamiliar with Vista, Powerpoint, and Visual Studio. Now the guy might be a genius, he might really know his stuff, but on stage you had to be sorry for the guy. Really Microsoft, give someone else the presentation duties. Spare us Nima ever again.

Unfortunately I really wanted to know what he was trying to convey.  I can only hope the slides and demos from his talk will be published later.... (although I doubt it, more on that later....)

In contrast, Scott Stanfield from Vertigo Software did a last minute demo of some new WPF demos his company has been working on. As he described it, he was asked to do the presentation only about an hour beforehand, but his talk was smooth and polished. The demo was very cool, and everything was really put together.

Such a contrast...


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