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So yesterday I went on my annual fishing trip with my stepfather, brother, a couple of uncles and a cousin. We rotate between going out for salmon and rockfish from year to year. This year was salmon and I turned up empty.... My stepfather caught a big one, probably 25-30 pounds, and my cousin caught a medium-size and a small one, but that was it for our whole group... Salmon fishing is fun, but tough. The limit is only two fish per person, and we get that some years, but sometimes it's like this year and they just we're biting yesterday.

Rockfish, while not as tasty as wild fresh-caught salmon, is easier to catch and a lot of fun too. Limit is ten fish from a single species (Rockfish is a generic term for several species like rock cod, snapper, ling cod, etc) and twenty fish total. I usually limit out or come close to it with rockfish...

We had a good time, even not catching them. The weather was good, the ocean was peaceful. We went out of Sausalito aboard the New RayAnne, really nice boat, and good crew. We've gone out with them many times and I'd always recomend them (


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