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9th of February will be the start of the ‘Brave New World’ for Microsoft punctuated by the launch of Surface Pro and the re-launch of Windows 8. After the launch of the disappointing Surface RT we now have the ‘real deal’ or rather the first in the line of the real deals.

My own disappointment with Surface RT was the inability to use or the lack of Project, Visio and Microsoft's premier development suite - Visual Studio.

Now I can have it all – OK I’ll need to add a chunky SD card to store stuff – but we now have the game changer. Someone noted that the closest Everything Apple can get is an iPad and Mac Air in the same bag! Whilst this is a romantic view when considering the wealth of App’s for the iPad the sentiment is true.

So having launched Office as a Service last week, an excellent Windows phone 8 late last year, Microsoft follow up the future of Windows. This is of utmost importance as Microsoft re-models itself as a ‘Devices and Services’ company along with the traditional ‘Software’ tag.

My only reservation with this launch is cost and memory size – the 32 gig version is almost unusable with so little memory after installing the needed software. So the question is how long do we wait for the 128 gig version!

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Yeah this will be really interesting. Cost is the biggie for me. IMHO, MS desperately needs to undermine Apple's increasing dominance with the macbook pro and the only way I see them being able to do that effectively is with a crazy low price (relatively speaking).

The existing Surface is pretty much the exact same price as the ipad and because of that, it's not going to dominate. Microsoft needs to blow people away, not just "keep up with the joneses".
Left by Ben Barreth on Feb 05, 2013 1:56 AM

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good to know something about microsoft from this post.
Left by mustafizur on May 03, 2013 8:46 AM

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