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As if it wasn’t bad enough that you can only win the drivers championship if you win most races….

The last thinking from the ‘good ideas team’ is if you spend lot’s of money on your car you will have your race shrouded in rules. If you stick to below 30 million then the rules are lifted….

Hey let’s try that in the Premier League! If you spend more than say £50 million on players or have a wage bill greater than £50 million a year then you can only play 11 players, offside rule applies to you and two yellows and your off! Now if you stick inside the spending rules then you can play as many players as you can afford, offside won’t apply and 4 yellows before you are off!!

Can you imagine Chealski 11 v’s the mighty Bournemouth 20! Maybe we would get a better set of matches – of an of course the team that wins the most matches wins the Premier league!

Note: The last bit of my argument is a little dubious in football as the team that wins most matches usually wins the league – but you never know!!

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009 3:23 AM | Back to top

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