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The International .NET Association Academic is a sub-committee of INETA with a focus on taking the voice and the needs of academic space and giving it the assistance required to form successful communities and help academics have a say in the workings of INETA.  The INETAA Student Committee is currently looking to fill the roles of different project teams and asks the help of the most dedicated and talented students/professionals to take part in the management/infrastructure of the User Group of Academic User Groups.


INETAA Available Positions


Academic Regional Director

This position is a managerial and reporting position with direct ties to the student population and the Microsoft Student Ambassadors in their region.  Each Academic Regional Director will have the SA’s that are in their region as contact points for extended collaboration.  The end goal of the Academic Regional Director is to help build community, foster growth and collaboration between Industry and Academia, and help recruit and maintain the management structure of INETAA.  The ideal candidate should be a student, a natural community leader and understand how to influence and lead a team of individuals.  Prior knowledge to building an effective community is a definite plus.  Essentially, you are the Rockstars of INETAA.


Director of Marketing

This position will manage all marketing of INETAA Student Committee and will directly interface with INETAA’s marketing professional.  The candidate should understand how to plan marketing stragetgies and effective means to influence the academic market.  Required skills include Graphics Design capabilities utilizing tools such as Photoshop and the ability to talk to mid-to-senior level Industry Professionals and discuss partnership strategies.  Knowledge of Flash is a definite plus.  Your team will be in charge of developing marketing materials along with all Press Releases.  .


Industry Academic Alliance Relationship Manager

This position will work with the Director of IAA and help facilitate the relations between Academia and Industry.  This is a challenging market to break into and will require an individual who can pull resources from nothing and who has the perseverance and will to achieve an effective relationship.  Furthermore, as an IAARM you will be help shape the role-out of a major INETAA program and have direct influence on the design and scalability of the program.


ASKit Film Producer

As the ASKit film producer, your job will be to conduct interviews with Industry Professionals.  As the Askit Film Producer, you will work directly with the Director of ASKit’s to help reach content goals.  A knowledge of journalism or the creation of video media is a definite plus although not required. 


ASKit Developer

As an ASKit Developer you will construct basic to advance applications with a focus of teaching best practices and coding techniques to the entry-level to advance academic developer.  Furthermore, you will interface directly with the On-Line Community and help build the community by taking existing application submissions and showing them what a development rock-star can do.  A strong knowledge in .NET is essential for this position along with the capability and flexibility to develop for any .NET targeted platform and the ability to utilize any existing tools.


ASKit Documentation Specialist

As the Documentation Specialist you will take the code from the ASKit Developer and write technical documentation on how to achieve these projects in a number of steps.  Through tight coupling with the developer you will build How-To’s and Windows Media Player walkthroughs explaining the steps required to build these applications.  A clear understanding of the development process and some best practices is a plus.  Furthermore, this position is also a needed position by a number of pro-devs on the committee, star Doc’s Specialists may be extended a position after collegiate gradutation.


Internal Systems Developer

If developing is your goal and working with Senior Professional Developers, Architects, and Directors is of any interest, this position is definitely for you.  Working directly with talented professionals to help build the infrastructure of INETAA is the job of the IS Dev.  You will most likely be building against a host of online portal technologies and must have strong development knowledge.  

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# re: Recruiting for INETAA
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Hi Andrew,

I just want to know who I may contact for nominations on Academic Regional Director, ASKit Developer or Internal Systems Developer, well I am a systems engineering student and I have been with .net since 2000, I am also a Microsoft betatester of .net technologies suhc as VisualStudio 2002/2003/2005. My beta ID is 460332. I have also set up an user group called .netSchema which is listed on

Fernando Hualpa

Left by Fernando Hualpa on Feb 21, 2005 2:01 PM

# re: Recruiting for INETAA
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So where does one apply at?
Left by Henry Balanon on Feb 21, 2005 2:10 PM

# re: Recruiting for INETAA
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This has most certainly piqued my interest. I am currently an Acting Director (with Carl Franklin) of the Connecticut .NET Developers Group which is an INETA member. (

I have strong ties with academia (my immodest bio -

I would like to know more about INETAA (Academic) and how it would play here in Connecticut.

"SB" Chatterjee

Left by SBC on Feb 21, 2005 2:32 PM

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