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A recent development out of the depths of months of INETAA Student Committee Meetings has been the introduction of the Academic Starter Kit.

This Groups Product Manager is Paul Hacker.  The following content is what we are going to try and implement into it.  I realize that this is really scarce, but if anyone has questions on the meaning...or if anyone would like to add to the content or help in it's creation let me know!! We can use all the help we can get!


  • Student Developers
  • Little or No Development Experience (For 100-Level Kits)



  • Core Technologies (Visual Development) 100-Level
    • WinForm Development
      • (C#/VB)
    • Web Development
      • ASP.Net Web-Application
      • ASP.Net Web-Service
    • Compact Framework Development
      • (C#/VB)
  • Core Technologies (Business Development) 200-Level
    • Security
      • Basics
      • Introduction to Security in .Net
    • Building Reusable Software
      • Classes, Structs, etc
      • Introduction to Architecture & n-tier Applications
  • Core Technologies (Advanced Development) 300 - 400 Level
    • Microsoft Application Blocks
    • Creating and Utilizing Software Components
    • WSE 2.0
    • Etc.


  • Technical Content
    • Links to content
    • Lab-manuals
    • Code Samples and Project Files
    • Windows Media Encoded Coding Walk-Through of Samples
    • Extensibility Ideas
      • This was shown, on your own what can you do.
      • Potential to post these things in the INETAA Community
  • Building a Student Community with INETAA
    • Whitepaper on setting up a users-group
    • FAQ INETA Speakers Bureau
    • Resource Guide (How to Get Free Stuff)
  • Interview with a Pro
    • Career Profile
      • Docs
      • Application Developer
      • Systems Administrator
      • Technical Evangelist
      • Security Analyst
      • CEO
      • Web-Developer
    • Interviews with Industry Professionals about There Jobs
    • Fame Shot (Photo)
  • Microsoft "Exclusives"
    • Information from MS Developers on MS
    • Information on the MVP Program
    • Information on MSDN and MSDN Student Flash
    • Information on being a DCC
  • Vender
    • Misc. Freebies
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# re: ASKit's (Academic Starter Kits)
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Love it Andrew! :)

Can't wait to see how these play out.

Left by Kevin Briody (Microsoft) on Sep 13, 2004 4:02 PM

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