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My team was competing at the round 1 competition for Imagine Cup.  The host location: Bradley University; Peoria, IL; The Student Center Grand Ballroom.  The schools competing in this competition included Bradley University and Bradley's biggest rival Illinois State University

Event Night: The match-up consists of 4 teams from Bradley and ISU chickened out and sent none claiming not enough time to prepare.  So, scratch the earlier comment it was only Bradley fighting Bradley.  The event format consisted of utilizing 3 judges.  Each of the judges was to receive a special token of appreciation, such as Microsoft Office.  This was such a grand phenomenon that a fourth judge showed up to the competition unannounced and uninvited, however, he sure wanted his copy of Office.  (Not sure where he came from.) 

The Competing Teams consisted of: a team that would utilize WiFi hotspots to alert everyone on the network that was running their app of a person in trouble; a team that would use the pocket pc to control a sort of music download center or juke box; a team that would use a pocket pc to control toy trains, and a team that would use a location service to locate doctors and then page them based on their specialty, health-care plan, and proximity to the hospital (my team).

The competition of four teams lasted from 7:00 - 10:00, practically an hour of love per team.  The feedback, I've gotten from the teams was that the event was extremely long, too long.  (Not that it bothered me; it was evening party time at the MVP summit.)

So, my round one experience consisted of socializing with fellow MVP's.  However, the end result sent my team on to Round 2 and made each of my team members about $33.33 richer.  Stay Tuned for the round two post, which will consist of a lot more gripes because I was there.

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