Windows Embedded Compact 7 in Padua

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Yesterday I did a presentation about Windows CE at the University of Padua

Even if the picture seems to suggest that I just showed and empty slide, I illustrated the new features of the OS and did a quick demo of Silverlight for Windows Embedded on Windows Embedded Compact 7 (I’ve to get used to this new name), showing the new tools that provide a better integration between Expression Blend and Visual Studio for the development of Silverlight applications (I hope to be able to write more on this topic soon!).

The Operating System was running on some real hardware (TI OMAP3530 evaluation board) and many people had a chance to interact with the new customizable shell.

Most of the 60 people attending were still awake at the end of the one hour and a half session, and some of them even asked questions!

I would like to thank all the people attending and all the people of Arrow, Fortech Embedded Labs and the University of Padua that made this event possible and provide me the tool and the time to do this presentation.

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