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I'm Valter Minute, I'm a software developer working for Fortech Embedded Labs (, in Saronno, Italy.
I'm Italian, and this should explain my poor english and excuse it, I hope.
I was born in 1973 and I work on Windows CE since the beginning of this century (sounds like a lot of time written in this way).
I started developing application on version 2.12 of the OS and then moved to BSP, drivers and other low-level stuff from version 3.0 on.
I try to provide some helpful replies on usenet, mostly on microsoft.public.windowsce.platfbuilder.
If you are Italian, you may have seen me speaking at some conferences or training sessions.
I'm a Windows Embedded Trainer (on CE and XPE/WES) and I also managed to pass the MCP exam, so I'm a Certified Professional on Windows CE.
I like to write code (I hope that my code is more understandable than my written English), learn new things and try to understand them better by explaining them to others.
I hated to be a student... and now I like being a teacher, life is strange sometimes.
I think that exchanging knowledge is also a good way to learn, and each time I reply to a question on usenet newsgroups or do a training session, I try to learn something new from the people asking or attending.
I also try to learn by reading more experienced people's replies to questions I'm not able to answer. Usenet is a great tool for this kind of "real life" learning.
You can learn clever solutions to problems you are used to solve always in the same (maybe not so smart) way or, at least, force yourself to "clean" some concepts in your mind to be able to explain them to others.
Having to teach is also a great excuse to have some time on my own to learn something new.
So now you may ask why this blog is named "Windows Embedded Cookbook".
I was thinking about having my own blog since a long time, knowing how blogs can be a useful source of knowledge and being an avid reader of most of the blogs related to Windows Embedded (Bruce Eitman's blog, Mike Hall's blog, Loke Uei Tan's blog etc.).
I kept telling myself that I have not enough free time to have my own blog.
At the beginning of this year I qualified for round 2 of both the "dare to dream different" contest (microframework) and, with my co-workers, in the "Sparks Will Fly" (Windows CE), so now my free time will be reduced and used to develop something nice for those challenges... so what a better moment to start also my own blog?
Ok, this explains the blog, but why a "cookbook"?
I spend most of my time developing software and finding bugs. Most of the times I try to find bugs I put inside my code, other times (and this is also a great chance to learn) I try to find someone else's bugs.
I'm so good in putting bugs in my own code that it seems that I'm quite able also in finding other people's ones.
I like programming and technology but I like also to do other things during my free time. I like to travel with my wife, play basketball with my friends (I'm not a good player but my teammates are too kind to remind me that) and cook.
Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Unluckily I also eat a large part of what I cook... and my figure isn't exactly thin (sometimes this may help on a basketball court, anyway).
I think I like to cook because in some aspects it's not so different from programming. You start from some simple "elements" and try to build something that works or that tastes good (at least something that is not immediately dangerous for your health).
You have to follow some rules, but also use your own fantasy. What I like in cooking a good dish is that, unlikely to what happens with a large software project, you can finish it in a short time, eat and enjoy it and then forget about it, remembering, at most the good taste (ok, the last point requires that what you made isn't poisonous).
In software you have long development times, you have to do maintenance etc. And never ate what you make!
In this blog I'll try to mix programming and technology with some good recipes I created (usually looking at what remained inside my fridge after an "after-hour" programming session) or "borrowed" from somebody, adding my own mistakes.
I hope you'll like the mix and provide me suggestions and corrections (also spelling and grammar ones!).
I also learn to take pictures (saying that I like photography isĀ  too much), so in some of my posts you'll find some pictures not related in any way to the text, it's my way to try to keep your reading more entertaining, I hope you'll appreciate it.
I'm here to learn, remember that.
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# re: About me and this blog
Valter Minute
1/15/2009 9:26 AM
Thank you very much Bruce

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