So day two brought more items of interest.

Unit Testing still problematic

Apparently, ReSharper installs with version 2.2.8 of NUnit.  I am using 2.4.8 which includes syntax helpers.  A bunch of my tests were failing with multiple TypeLoadExceptions. 

To resolve the issue, I ran the tests in debug mode and took a look at where the nunit.framework library was being loaded from.  I found that it was being loaded from C:\Program Files\JetBrains\ReSharper\v4.1\Bin.  Once I determined that I was dealing with a bad version, I just copied the 2.4.8 version there and now all of the tests are running without error.

I turns out that ReSharper is not the culprit here.  See this post for more details.
I tried repairing TestDriven.Net and it still is not running correctly.  Puzzling, as it appears that no one else has encountered this problem.

Automatic Code Completion

I'm going to have to get used to ReSharper completing parenthesis and brackets for me.  I am so quick to add my own parenthesis to methods I end up with two sets because R# added them for me already (e.g.  calling MyMethod(()) ).  We will have to see if I can unlearn years completing them myself.

Trial v. Full Version

I can't help but wonder if the full version would have been absent of my unit testing issues.  Also, it's odd that the nightly download page seems to indicate that build 933 is "not tested" which is the version that downloads for purposes of evaluation.  Is this the same as the purchased version?  Hmm.

More fun tomorrow.

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