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I really dig video games. It is the reason why I love working with technology. I don’t play games like I used to, but I try and keep up by reading the latest news on the web and by watching Review on the Run. The other day, my video game hobby crossed paths with my professional life with a review on Reviews on the Run where two of the reviewers, Jose Sanchez and Ben Silverman, did a review on a web game that I reference in my recent HTML5 presentations: The World’s Biggest Pacman.

I was really excited to watch my worlds collide, but there was something that surprised me. Check it out and see if you can catch it (HINT: Ben says it at around 0:26)

(Check out the video here)

If you didn’t catch the line, Ben says that they “are talking about a Flash game” which made my developer heart skip a beat. World’s Biggest Pac Man isn’t a Flash game, but one of the best HTML5 games out there so far. After hearing that, I thought I should write a blog post about the differences between HTML5 and Flash. I mean, someone needs to start informing the world about how the web is changing right?

…Or then again, does it really matter?

Ben and Jose are video game reviewers, meaning they are end users when it comes to video games. Do they really care whether a game is built with Flash, HTML5, or even C++? To take that even further, does it really matter to anyone other than the developer?

The answer? No, it doesn’t. Not even a bit.

When it comes to games or apps it’s about the experience that the technology provides, not the technology itself. This point is going to become more relevant moving forward in software development too. With technologies like Microsoft Surface, Kinect, and the recent influx of different touch enabled devices that are coming out, people aren’t going to care about whether they are using WPF, HTML5, or Java, as long as it provides an experience that they enjoy.

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