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Visual WebGui offers its developers a set of out-of-the-box themes which they can easily apply to their applications. This allows developers to focus on the development and business logic rather than dealing with UI design missions. However, design tools and customization freedom are available for those who need to customize current themes or create their own custom theme.

As part of the constant updates and enhancements to Visual WebGui and its developer CompanionKit a new available theme was added last week. The new theme applies the latest Microsoft UI - Office 2010 to Visual WebGui and allows developers and/or end users (of 6.4.0 and above) to switch their Web applications UI to the successful design of Office 2010.

After the latest update the new theme is integrated into the Visual WebGui Developers CompanionKit which now matches Visual WebGui 6.4.0 Release version's infrastructure. The update also includes several enhancements to existing controls and features and the addition of some new ones.

Office 2010 Ribbon Bar

Go to the CompanionKit

Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 11:50 PM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Web Design | Back to top

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