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Daniel Bardi, a Visual WebGui user shared his experience with the Umbraco community as he wrote in his post "...The UI is amazing and works in all known webbrowsers... it's the reason I had decided on the platform for the project (and by reading the many, many reviews).  The framework allows non-web developers (or winform developers) to build web applications using a WinForms development environment.  No more worries about session and state.

The web applications runs on the server and is "projected" into the clients browsers (no client overhead).  They call this "Empty Client" technology.

There is no installation on the client side, but they get a full Windows application experience.  The best part is that it's open-source (with a commercial license available for a mere $1500).  I personally use the it for projects and have had nothing but positive feedback..."

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Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2009 7:47 PM Web Development , Open Source Community , Cloud computing | Back to top

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