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Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure "in the cloud" that supports them. (Wikipedia)

According to the official definition of the cloud, it’s an abstract environment which has the ability to dynamically scale and virtualized resources creating a self-managed deployment platform for applications which can expand and shrink according to the needs and is charged upon usage.

Common used measureable parameters (upon which the application is charged for):

  1. CPU Usage.
  2. External network usage (the amount of data transferred from and to the server).
  3. Data transactions (the # of transactions and the amount of data sent/received).

Visual WebGui for the Cloud Overview

Technology wise, all we need at this point is to explore the technology highlights of Visual WebGui RIA & Cloud Platform which were discussed through this technology section and look for cloud related factors.

Cloud-friendly technology

Being ASP.NET based Visual WebGui is coded, parsed and executed on top of .NET and is most native application nature for Windows Azure, Amazon and other cloud providers.

Visual WebGui Platform in Microsoft Technologies

Read Position in MS Technologies section...

Smart Network Usage

A compressed protocol of metadata transportation over standard HTTP port 80 reduces the network consumption dramatically. This fact contributes allot to maintain a low network usage and pay less for more when on the cloud.

Read Command Level Virtualization section...

Secured-By-Design On-Cloud Applications

The same ‘empty client’ paradigm results in secured-by-design applications on the cloud, exposing only what’s shown and nothing else, Client can not manipulate server and  data stays in the cloud, never "transported" out and therefore unexposed for malicious intervention.   

Secure by design cloud computing applications

Read Security section...

Low CPU & Network Bandwidth Consumption

Having an optimized received & sent data actually concludes in lowering the transportation and the costs when it comes to cloud deployment. The highest request-per-second compared to any other AJAX infrastructure proves the simple fact!, the CPU is much less occupied with allocations & disposals of objects and results again with lowering CPU usage and  the costs of  cloud deployment.

technology pipeline balance flow

Read Performance section...

Seamless Cloud-like Optimized Scalability

The internally optimized support for application scalability and redundancy enables cloud applications to scale as much as needed seamlessly.

Having a mechanism that saves the smallest amount of data required for state persistence, results in keeping the amount of data transactions low as possible.

Read Scalability and Deployment Economy section...

Migration of on-premises Desktop Applications & Desktop UIs to the Cloud

Having WinForms identical API and desktop compliant development patterns, and visual WebGui capabilities of supporting  desktop's richness on web  make it only natural to port desktop business centric apps to the cloud using Visual WebGui maintaining  the same UI without the need to completely restructure and rewrite.

Read WinForms Development and Migration section...


Examining any runtime parameter, Visual WebGui is as optimized as it gets for cloud applications. Using Visual WebGui provides the productiveness in development including the natural option of migrating desktop applications to the cloud.

In addition it dramatically lowers TCO of cloud applications due to a highly optimized communication protocol and lowered CPU consumption.

In terms of dynamic scalability, Visual WebGui scales up easily and seamlessly.

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