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The Visual WebGui Rich Internet Applications Platform version 6.3.6 was released yesterday.
This version includes implemented support for Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 beta presentation layer and is the latest and most stable Visual WebGui 6.3.x version

This is the change log for version 6.3.6

Breaking Changes

VWGS-4192 - Support Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 Beta. Previous versions of Microsoft Silverlight are not supported by this version and by Microsoft and cannot coexist on the same machine.

Bugs fix

VWG-4182 - The DataGridView.PagingChanged event is fired when changing pages.
VWG-4190 - Unnecessary child controls rendering on client side solved. Updated control will not render as the number of nodes in its inheritance tree.
VWG-4189 - Updating of docking property caused control to be rendered twice.
VWG-4177 - ListView - selection by mouse-click was to slow.
VWG-4185 - Listview large images and small images views looked distorted in check boxes mode.
VWG-4176 - Layout Issue - under some circumstances dock fill disappeared in FF.
VWG-4202 - Wrong columns resizing position in data grid and list view

Visual WebGui downloads are free and available from here.

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