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EASTER EGG - My Ubuntu Gnome desktop

Thursday, April 2, 2015 4:03 PM

Happy Easter! It is time for some unexpected gift!

Your desktop it is something unique. You desktop it is something very personal. Today I will try to show you how to make your workplace (workspace) a place where you want to spend as much time as you can. Another windows theme? Nooo! Think different, use the same MacOS as everyone? Nooo! Because I am not persuaded to the direction where Windows is going, for about two years I use more and more Linux. It's a lot of fun and it is not for sure a full replacement for Windows so far.

Described below knowledge it is a typical noob's cry. I am, and I will always be a Windows/PowerShell engineer.

Ok let's make few customizations on Ubuntu 14.04 to make it more personal. First we need to install few apps:

Wallch - it is a wallpaper rotor. It can replace you wallpaper every 30 min. I'm using dropbox to sync wallpaper gallery across Windows, Linux and Mac

Conky - it is a nice tool to display performance information on your desktop. You will need to spend some time on configuration, but it is easy to find all required information on the Internet

Cairo - Apple style dockbar. Usually I'm working with two monitors, on one I can use Unity dock, on the second Cairo.

Gnome Tweak Tool - allows to customize mouse pointer, windows themes, and what I like the most - apply custom icon theme.

Compiz - Compiz means desktop box :) I like wobbly windows and a little bit of app window transparency. Transparency is cool as long you don't need to watch a movie or do some graphics designing stuff. I attached my Compiz config file with all my lovely effects and required exceptions (VLC, full screen YouTube, GIMP). Of course compiz must be extended with EXPERIMENTAL effects. Experimental means don't expect it will always work, but expect a lot of fun!

To install all required components please execute below script AS REGULAR user, some operations should be executed on your profile, it will SUDO when it is required

sudo apt-get install git -y
sudo apt-get install wallch -y
sudo apt-get install conky-all -y
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock -y
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock-plug-ins -y
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool -y
sudo apt-get install compiz -y
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager -y
cd && git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts compizexperimental
cd compizexperimental/
chmod +x compiz-addons
./compiz-addons install all
compiz -replace

After the installation a reboot is recommended (compiz may hang :). And let's continue our game. It would be nice to auto start some apps and implement sweet customization. Under this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pclluq79xi1qumz/AAATwaGmJ0p3Ab7wa2yvkg6ka?dl=0 you'll find all required files. If you are new to dropbox and you use this link to create your account and download dropbox app, you'll receive 0.5 GB of my referral bonus.




Application startup definitions for Wallch, Conky and Cairo. You can copy some or all files into ~/.config/autostart/ if you don't want to edit Startup Applications manually. There are few traps btw, and some apps requires some delay before starting, so I would recommend you to copy files.


All files required to launch Conky. I lost control what I've got there but you can find there few nice config files. Copy to:




My personal unique not published anywhere else icon set. Put it into hidden .icons folder and use Gnome Tweak tool to change your theme.



Compiz Configuration Manager config file with all my customizations and transparency exceptions. In CCSM click import profile button and point on my config file.


One of my awesome wallpapers. Just for start …


Ah... It's obvious ~ means your home folder /home/{your_login}/


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