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Today, Hewlett-Packard organized an event in Mumbai, India to showcase their long term future plans for mobile communications. The “HP Mobile Innovations Tour” showcased devices created by the HP design team for the 2012 timeframe. Yes, that is a long time from now, you may think, but after seeing these futuristic gadgets, you will most certainly be enthralled as were we.

Present at the event was Phil Devlin, Manager, Product Marketing, Mobile Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP Asia-Pacific and Japan who began the presentation by saying, “HP’s vision of the future of mobility is a world were simple devices inter-operate to deliver a cohesive, always connected lifestyle. Anyone can make the simple complicated. But, true creativity lies in making the complicated simple.”

The first concept that was unveiled at the HP Mobile Innovations Tour was called the ‘Watch Wireless Gateway or Hub’. This watch-like device seriously looked like one of those gadgets out of a sci-fi movie or perhaps even a James Bond film. Not only does it have a futuristic look, but it also acts as the central wireless hub that contains access technologies to enable an “always connected” experience. With this Watch, one will be able to connect to various devices including phones, PCs and laptops.

In order to recharge the Watch, the concept of a flat board called ‘Smart Shelf’ was explained. If you place the Wireless Gateway Watch on this shelf, it will not only get recharged, but will also project the information stored in it, onto the Smart Shelf for all to see and interact with.

Phil Devlin, of HP Asia-Pacific and Japan

The second concept creation that was introduced is a flexible, portable, personal display that is “always on” and is always ready to connect with the Wireless Gateway Watch. What’s more, larger mats such as these will also be used to access services such as board games or even content suited for a larger display. This mat can be completely folded ensuring total portability.

Next up was a rather interesting concept of a tablet PC. But this one is not like your ordinary tablet PC that is available in the market today. This tablet is literally a tablet in the sense that it is much thinner and lighter with a longer battery life.

One of the concepts that really caught my attention was a pen-like device, which allows one to write on just about any surface, after which the information gets stored in the device. Imagine this, you are at a meeting with a client, and have to explain things visually and you also have to take down notes. Well, here is when this Pen would come into great use. You can draw out images and also take down notes using it. Your handwriting and images will disappear in a short while.

Also present at the event was P.Raghuraman, Country Manager Commercial Notebooks, Personal Systems group, HP India, who said, “The HP Mobile Innovation Tour gives a window to experience the future of mobility. HP being the market leader has always been ahead of the curve in innovation. We strongly believe in providing advanced products to our customers by constantly providing advanced products to our customers by constantly upgrading technology through our robust Research and Development footprint.”

Moving toward the trend of web-based solutions, a thin client concept of a laptop was revealed. This extremely thin and light-weight notebook has a translucent-based display, as it should not block the person’s view. What’s more, this thin client uses flexible screen technology and will also incorporate organic LED screen technology. The keyboard of this thin client notebook is a light sensitive one with laser projection of buttons to maintain extreme thinness.

The concept of a Coffee Table with great functions was also revealed. If one places the thin client notebook in a groove in the coffee table, it turns the coffee table top into a larger display for all to see and interact with. Besides, when loaded into the groove, the table also acts as a charger base for the device. And, the Coffee Table top will be made with 2 LCD screens that work in conjunction with each other to create a 3D atmosphere.

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