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Now I noticed this on Engadget a few weeks back, but have only just got a round to blogging it.

Interestingly enough, while filling up the car this morning I noticed a sign on the fuel pump that stated "sorry for the delay in activating the pump while we record your number plate"

Now I do not condone speeding, regardless of the speed I (or anyone else) drives at, but what really gets me is that it is such an arbitary rule on something that really should be subjective?

Can anyone really try and argue the point that on a Motorway/Freeway that a modern mid-to-large sized vehicle with ABS, Electronic Stability Aids, etc. driving on a clear road with light traffic is unsafe at 80 - 85mph (130-140kph)? Yet under the current road rules in most countries (apart from Germany) this would be a speeding offence.

Yet on the same road, with driving rain in an 18 year old Estate (Station Wagon) that has a dodgy demister, passable windscreen wipers, six sacks of cement in the back and a slightly overloaded box trailer on the back it is legal to drive up to 70mph (110kph)?

Speeding limits are mandatory simply because they are easy to measure and enforce - end of discussion.

Here in the UK, not only has the government started considering ideas of using GPS to monitor road use, there are already Insurance companies that are offering a pay-as-you-go model where you can fit a tracker to your vehicle and you will pay more (or less?) depending on how much you use, what time of day, busy roads etc.

Technology coming to your vehicle soon....... 

The M42 is a major British motorway that has a reputation for being a testbed for new roadside technology, with a current traffic management scheme including sensors for tracking traffic built into the road and variable speed limit signs every 500 meters. The latest piece of kit to be tested out during roadworks is a radar-assisted speeding sign that not only flashes when it detects a speeding car, but also displays the license plate number of said car. Yeah, scary. Apparently the public shame (or swift realization that it could also be an automated ticket-writer) that the sign dishes out to speeding motorists is having some effect, with 50% of drivers slowing down once they see their number is up. Presumably the other half were concentrating too hard on getting out their digicams -- look ma! I'm on a roadsign! -- to slow down.

Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:46 AM Real Cool Stuff | Back to top

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