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Thin Clients, VDI and Linux integration from the front lines.... Raw and sometimes unedited notes based on my experiences with VMware, Thin Clients, Linux etc.

I had the opportunity of relaxing a little on the way home yesterday as I was coming back from Havant to London on the train and decided to buy a copy of the FT. After scanning through it a particular article caught my eye - "The seven habits of a highly ineffective Prime Minister".

Now I will comment on this, but I can only provide a link to , as "the full contents of this article will require registration"

Well, that's not strictly true. You need to register with the FT, provide some form of payment like a Credit Card, and then you get 14 days access for free, BEFORE they start billing you. Be warned, I've used this before and found it to be very difficult to cancel on the Web, and navigating their Customer Services to cancel is pretty difficult because as you've joined on the web - you're supposed to cancel on the web.......

Anyway, I'm not dissing the FT for trying to make a buck, simply that they could make it easier for casual viewers? How about some sort of micro payment via PayPal? 25p? Heck, I'd already bought the newspaper!
And even now, if the full article was available, I'd be linking to the article and in so doing helping them increase circulation?

Is it any wonder that the Print media is losing ground to the Internet? I believe there is a bit of Karma here, the more you share, the more it comes back to you? Do you think the Print media is on the way out? I still think they have a part to play, but some of them are doing a very good job of marginalising themselves...

Anyway, although the FT wants you to pay for the article the seven habits are:

  • Failure to adapt to changed circumstances
  • Failure to manage expectations and follow through on ideas
  • Adoption of the "Heroic CEO" Leadership model
  • Top-down, autocratic style
  • Failure to listen to constructive well-intentioned criticism
  • Addiction to arbitrary targets and performance measures
  • Failure to manage a stable and orderly succession and build a strong organisation

As has been said time and time again, "It'll end in tears, Tony!"

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 5:24 AM IT Management | Back to top

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