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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. The opinions expressed within are my own and should not be attributed to any other Individual, Company or the one I work for. I just happen to be a classic techie who is passionate about getting things to work as they should do (and are sometimes advertised and marketed as being able to?) and when I can I drop notes here to help others falling in to the same traps that I have fallen in to. If this has helped then please pass it on - if you feel that I have commented in error or disagree then please feel free to discuss with me either publically or privately? Cheers, Dave
Thin Clients, VDI and Linux integration from the front lines.... Raw and sometimes unedited notes based on my experiences with VMware, Thin Clients, Linux etc. July 2006 Entries
Mmmm... next new toy? Asus P525 from Jason Langridge
I noticed this new phone coming out from ASUS on Jason's site It does look fantastic, but then I noticed how all the keys are effectively "scrunched" down at the bottom to give the screen room? So even though it can rightly claim to be something of a PocketPC but with the keyboard of a Phone it clearly won't be usable with one hand? Either that or you have a double-jointed Thumb ......

Posted On Sunday, July 30, 2006 7:58 PM

A thirsty world is running dry?
Now I haven't really been posting half as regularly as I used to prior to my recent trip back to Australia, it's not so much that I don't have things to say, more a case of having a number of things on my mind that aren't ready to be public just yet....... Hopefully more news on that in the next few weeks? However I did notice that Australia has a booming economy due to the recent hikes in resource prices over the last year or two, and what is even more surprising is the sudden increase in Uranium ......

Posted On Sunday, July 30, 2006 7:43 PM

Sighting of the rare Osprey V-22 here in London
So as an ex-Airforce chap I was suprised to hear some fairly odd and very heavy rotor noise coming into London this afternoon so I popped out and to my suprise I saw not one but two rare Osprey V-22's overflying central London. They then proceeded to return with a high speed pass in "Aircraft" mode and I then managed to catch them on the third and final pass. I have no doubt they will be exhibiting at the Farnborough Air Show next week? For the full sized photo use this link ......

Posted On Sunday, July 16, 2006 7:39 PM

New modern take on a Classic?
We have been considering moving back to Australia for a little while now, and as a consequence I was looking at GM's Holden Web site in Australia just to see what was available. Now I know the this Local GM "franchise" does quite well in the design stakes and will routinely create models that have since gone on to be introduced in the US, what I found rather impressive is the way they have added *Concept Cars* to the web site. If you have a look under New Cars, you will find a menu selection of Concept ......

Posted On Saturday, July 15, 2006 1:26 PM

Thoughts on Application Virtualisation or Streaming - how does Citrix's Project Tarpon compare with Softgrid and Altiris's SVS?
So among several other things this week I managed a quick sneak peak at an early (Alpha?) release of Citrix's Tarpon (Application Streaming) yesterday, what I found interesting was not that it would appear that Citrix are leaning towards using blue instead of red for some of the pretty bits? nor that there was a nice shiny new Citrix Client, but I suddenly realised that I was examining Tarpon from a purely Technical Focus and to really appreciate what might be possible meant that I had to shift to ......

Posted On Friday, July 7, 2006 5:42 PM

Migration of Servers to Dissimilar Hardware and other P2V, V2P and P2P Options (Specifically DL360 G2 and G3 to G4 and above?)
Preamble: Us Citrix Guys have been bouncing against the issue of migration to dissimilar hardware for a while now, with quite a number of customers with Images or Production Servers based on DL360 G2's and G3's and these Images are now needing to be applied to G4's. Obviously there wasn't too much issue between the earlier two, but as we start approaching the G4 platform this has caused some issues with the 5i/6i Array Driver. We do tend to have a policy of trying to Sysprep where ever possible as ......

Posted On Friday, July 7, 2006 5:49 AM

A new twist on the saying "Handbags at Dawn"?
For those who don't keep up on the news from Down Under? It would appear that not only have some of the All Blacks been making some unusual choices in the weapons department but the Handbag in question was then duly offered up on eBay and ended up selling for quite a tidy sum as well. It may not escalate in to a Diplomatic Incident, but it's sure to put a nice edge on the encounter between the Wallabies and the All Blacks tomorrow? SkySports 2 starting at 8.35AM - I'm so glad we have Sky+ ..... ;-)) ......

Posted On Friday, July 7, 2006 5:33 AM

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