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As you may have noticed (perhaps on the Visual Studio Start Page), there’s a section of the MSDN reserved for the future of VB. The page is fairly bland at first glance, but there is a great reference to the new features of Visual Basic 10 available in the downloads that I dare say you should investigate.

Of the upcoming news, some that stand out are multiline lambda expressions, “implicit line continuation” (AKA goodbye to the underscore, mostly), Auto-implemented properties (one line of code for a complete property for simple implementations), and array type inference.

I had to stop myself there because I was starting just to read off every change in place! I really appreciate the changes and I look forward to the opportunity to use them in production.

My only question is if Beth Massi will use the new properties. From the Linq How-To videos it seems she prefers to name her private variables m_var to indicate the variable is a member of the class.

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Posted on Friday, November 14, 2008 2:41 PM VB .NET , Microsoft | Back to top

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