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Last night past midnight amidst the construction of my Halloween costume (I know I’m a day off, but the party I’m going to is tonight!) I received the email notifying me that I’m now a winner at Community Credit for my contributions to the geek worlds via this blog!

Sure, I didn’t cure cancer or win the World Series, but my philosophy on blogging nowadays is that there is an online community that has helped me so much, I want to be around for the next generation of “me”s that deserve the same help and inspiration. Programming is more than a job, it’s a job that inspires creativity and critical thinking. Development isn’t just what I DO; it’s what I LOVE to do.

So what did I win? Well, a couple very cool things. Firstly, the right to display the Community Credit Winner logo (seen on the left hand side in the News section). Secondly, which I didn’t realize, I’ll have a certificate to recognize the achievement. And thirdly, what Community Credit advertises as a “stupid prize”. In my case, a pretty neat kite that looks like a mouse pointer:

So how can you win? Just contribute to your geek community, and sign up on today!

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