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If you use Visual Studio 2005 or later and you don't use snippets, you are missing out on yet another time saving feature. Snippets effectively allow you to drive your programming experience even further via Intellisense and keyword combinations, making repetitive tasks such as defining properties, encrypting and decrypting information, and connecting to data as easy as a few keystrokes.

Yesterday I was thinking about how much snippets make sense from the perspective of programming. I remember when I was in my early teens (probably not as long ago as for some of you) and I would dig through web pages' source codes to find useful tidbits for my own Geocities (not Yahoo! Geocities either!) websites. At the time, I was running a poetry website with frames, but proudly not overloaded with lame animated gifs. I had minimal JavaScript, and my web existence was hand typed in notepad.

Back then I had a need for a JavaScript enabled pop-up ad (don’t shun me, I was young and taking advantage of advertising that did little to check age) and digging through the source for other websites and recognizing trends in the code was enough to copy paste and replace key identifiers.

Now, in Visual Studio, it’s the same game, but instead I no longer have to dig. I just hit ?+<Tab> and I’ve got all the source I need. If I ever decide there’s more source I need, I can make it myself.

I’ll be working on a small tutorial about making your own snippets for later, but for those who care to answer: What is your most used snippet?

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Posted on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 8:43 AM VB .NET , Personal , Microsoft | Back to top

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