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My good friend Connie Bensen joined us on Plurk tonight. She already knew so many people over there, that it was only a matter of time. It just so happened that a mutual friend (you Mack Collier) had done a blog post she needed to see and that we were all talking about on Plurk.

Now, Connie is a genius at community management. But she had never tried Plurk and didn't quite know what to do with it. I made sure that she got the basics (or so I thought) and then announced to the world that she was on Plurk.

Moments later, Connie IMs me. She has a whole bunch of questions about things like how to find people, how to respond to plurks, etc. Oh, and she needed to know how 65 people had already found her. THAT is the beauty of social networking. I announced she was there and everyone spread the word. People she knew from other places found her immediately and started conversations. People she didn't know, found her because she was recommended. Connie's next IM to me? "Don't bug me while I'm plurking :) "

To help Connie, I started with a screen shot. But, by the time I got her the link, she had figured most of it out. By the time I realized that there were holes in my previous Plurk post, I also realized I had much more than 5 minutes of stuff to tell you. Three Jings later... we have a post!

Part 1: Replying to Plurks

As I said, the first thing was one of the basics of Plurk. Unlike some micro-blogging sites, Plurk is all about the conversation. Yeah, I know, Twitter is too. But here, the conversation includes the whole community and you don't have to figure out who was responding when to what. The basics of responding to a plurk? Open it and reply. The details?

Part 2:  Plurk Alerts

As you get into Plurk, you will find that your Alerts link in the upper left corner of the timeline becomes important. Clicking the alerts link brings up a dialog that shows you who wants to connect with you and how they want to connect. Some people will want to be just fans others; will want to be friends. What's the difference? Watch the video and see...

And, Amix, if you are reading this... I want another alert! I want an alert that goes off when I get a private plurk!

Part 3: Searching Plurk

If all of this weren't enough, today Plurk added a new feature. You can now search for plurks on a topic or about a person. It also lets you search for people on Plurk by user name or by real name. This means that it is now simple to find out if the people you want to talk to are on Plurk.

So... That's today's Plurk lessons. Want more? Let me know! Or even better: Plurk me and get into the conversation!

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