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When browsing around the net today, I realized that I had never claimed this blog as my own on Technorati. I claimed the old Vitamin CH, but never this one. When I went to do it, I saw that the process has changed somewhat. Instead of just posting the usual "ignore this post, I am just claiming my blog" type thing, I thought I would post how to do it. (Warning: The process didn't work as planned for me. I would love to hear from those for whom it did work about how to make it work!)

The first step to claiming your blog on Technorati is to create an account over there. There is always debate as to whether Technorati means anything in today's blogging environment. My take? It can't hurt to claim your blog and it does help you get some extra PR when you post.

Once you have your account claimed, navigate to your favorites page in your account and scroll down until you see this:


(This should show near or at the bottom of the right hand column of the page. )

Clicking this link will take you to the first page of the blog claim process. Here, you will be asked for you blog URL. Put it in the box and click "Begin Claim", which will take you to the page that caused me to write this post. If your blog post ends in a slash, you may have problems claiming your blog. In my case, the first two tries didn't work because I only put in the main part of my URL. I skipped the "/default.aspx" part. Adding that should have corrected the problem, but does not seem to have done so.

This page says "Choose your claim process". Choose (to me) implies that there is more than one option. I only got one: Post Claim. Using Post Claim requires you to create a new blog post with the Technorati code in it.

The post claim process is described on the next page (sample shown below):

The basic idea? Create a post and put a link to your Technorati profile in it as an active link, like so:

Technorati Profile

Activate your post as usual, then go back to your Technorati page and click the "Release the Spiders!" button.

For me, this process didn't work. The first problem was that I put in just the beginning of my URL as I noted above. Fixing that still didn't work. A quick visit to the FAQ for claiming your blog suggested I ping Technorati to make sure it could be found. Once I had done the ping, I had to update the claim code above and try the claim again.

Now, I understand that the above process should work. In my case, it still isn't. Which brings me to the second reason for this post: Is it worth it?

I know that Technorati used to be one of the main gauges of a blogs popularity. But if a blogger has to go through a process that is this complex and which still doesn't work for some blogs, is it worth it?

I do know that the old Vitamin CH did get some traffic from Technorati (and still does). I just don't know if the amount of traffic justifies trying to fight through a process that has this many problems.

On the other hand, I also know that my friend Connie Bensen just discovered that her blog is much more popular than she thought because of Technorati. You can read all about what she found on her post: Measurement of my Blogging

I think that Technorati can be a useful tool. What I am not sure about is if the use outweighs the difficulty for non-computer experts to claim their blogs. After all, if I can't get it to work, how can I train someone else to do it?

Update: At least now Technorati knows about the problem. They say there is a claim in progress, but that there is a problem with the claim. Meanwhile, this blog is now at least showing up there. It is a bit behind, but it is there.

To help myself see how things are going, I am going to attempt to put the Technorati authority widget in this post. To see the authority info, click  View blog authority

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Comments on this post: Claiming my blog on Technorati

# re: Claiming my blog on Technorati
Requesting Gravatar...
We have identified a problem with the URL submitted for claiming:

This may be for a number of reasons. Please review possible reasons below.

Please check and make sure the URL you are trying to claim is the front page of your blog as a browser would link to it. If the URL submitted was different, please try updating the URL and submitting the claim again.

If you\'ve verified the claim URL is correct and your blog is reachable by browser, it may be that the URL has been flagged by Technorati as matching a pattern for spam blogs, or the blog software being used is not recognized by Technorati\'s web crawler. In this case we ask you contact technorati support and supply the following info:

Please include the following error code: 402
URL you are claiming
The name of your blog
Your contact info
What blog software you are using (if known, e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Movable Type, etc.)
A short description of your blog and the type of content you like to write about.
Does your blog have a RSS feed? Please see if you can supply us with an example URL of your feed.
Left by b.krishnamraju on Jun 30, 2009 5:37 PM

# re: Claiming my blog on Technorati
Requesting Gravatar...
Hello, thank you for your post on how to claim my blog on technorati. I have been trying to do so for weeks now and while doing a research on the problem found out a lot of people have the same problem, I came across your post and it works Thanks. Hope to tweet this
Left by Samuel on Jul 28, 2009 1:16 AM

# re: Claiming my blog on Technorati
Requesting Gravatar...
Great post, but just thought I would add a note that it appears that the claim process and interface for Technorait has changed (for the worse). I am attempting to claim my blog and there is no presentation of a 4 step wizard for claiming the blog. I simply have a randomized code that I need to place in a posting on my site. This is supposed to be retrieved by Technorati and then I can claim the blog.

Long story short, I have tried numerous times and made the random code the featured article on my blog and still no dice. This has been going on for a week or so with multiple attempts to claim it. The support forum is not much luck either.

Would appreciate advice. If I find a resolution, I'll repost.
Left by John C. on Oct 01, 2009 2:27 AM

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