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Internet Radio Advantages

  • Internet Radio is static free, high fidelity
  • Internet Radio can be high bandwidth, rich stereo thru your current amplifier.
  • Virtually every "traditional, over the air" radio station has a parallel internet stream
  • There are 10s of thousands of internet streams, not broadcast "traditional, over the air"

To deploy the internet radio, I used to

  • search on: ' hi fi internet radio '
  • look at internet radio component abilities vs. my amplifier/surround sound system abilities:
  • purchase this internet radio :

o Grace Digital GDI-IRD4500m High Performance Stereo Internet Radio - Black by Grace Digital

You will read internet radio instructions to figure out how to

· connect your internet radio to your amplifier/surround sound system

o e.g. in an empty slot next to your, e.g., CD Player

· connect your internet radio to the internet

o with a cable

o or wirelessly

· use a web page to configure your radio stations and "URL Streams"

o Suggestions / "Works for me" procedures:

§ Use Google Chrome Browser - to search and create Radio Stations and " Windows Media URL Streams"

§ Use Internet Explorer - to launch and test Radio Stations and URL Streams in your Windows Media Browser Media Player

· use internet radio remote control to select & listen to Radio Stations and URL Streams 

Your internet Radio will have thousands of built in radio stations

Here are some "URL Streams" that you can add to your " internet radio - My Streams"

Q2 - Modern Classical -

WRTI - Philadelphia - Classical Stream -

Space SOMA Drone

  • SOMA is awesome for taking a Nap!
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