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Rodney Vinyard - .NET & SQL Developer When all is said and done, more will be said than done
Resume – Senior, Hands-On, .NET, C#, VB, ASP, XML, SQL, SharePoint, Crystal, Reporting Services Developer, Team Leader, Hard-Core Coder
Rodney Vinyard, 29 Windermere Road, Montclair, NJ  07043 
·         Seeking North NJ/Manhattan .NET/SQL developer job.
·         Hands-on .NET, C#, VB, SQL, ASP, XML, XSLT, Reporting Services, Crystal.
·         30 years of productive, software engineering experience.
·         Inventive, focused, hands-on software designer, engineer & coder.
·         Effective leader, writer & communicator who makes teammates better.
·         Rodney's Blog
Yrs     Skills
---      ------
10    ASP.NET, AJAX, WinForms, C#, VB, WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web Services
 2      SharePoint Services 3.0/MOSS 2007
15     SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access
11      SQL Server 2000/2005 Reporting Services, Crystal Reports
misc   VBA, Excel, Outlook, WMI, Infragistics, DevExpress, Enterprise Library
1980 - BS, Rutgers College of Engineering, Engineering Club President
Work Experience:
Merck Research Labs – C#, VB, Reporting Services, Sharepoint 2007, WinForms, WebForms, AJAX,  Architect Developer, Rahway, NJ,  8/09 – Now
·         Worked with stakeholders to design and specify the next generation of software to run on MOSS 2007/2010 Sharepoint Portals, WinForms and ASP.Net WebForms.
·         Devised Oracle & SQL Server Common Table Expression (CTE) advanced SQL queries for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports & deployed the reports as Web Parts to MOSS 2007 Sharepoint Portal to show "weekly sums/counts/averages for the latest n weeks".  Reused the same approach that I posted 2.5 years earlier on my 'Rodney Blog'
·         Authored & deployed ClickOnce WinForms VB.NET applications that fetch & persist data in SQL Server & Oracle to optimize the workflow for pharmaceuticals tubes and plates, lab workers & robots.  Wrote Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005 stored procedures accessed via .NET Enterprise Library.  Software exception messages with source code line numbers are automatically emailed to the support team.
·         Wrote software roadmap documents & proposals to expose hidden functionality, clarify database relationships, show system data flows & map out software solutions.
·         Enhanced & deployed WebForms & Excel Automation on the intranet.
·         Created a new AJAX Enabled, ASP.NET 3.5 intranet web site.
·         Research: Built & deployed C# Visual Studio Projects to deliver SharePoint features, pages & web parts on a Hyper-V VM WSS 3.0 Sharepoint 2007 Team Site.
·         Tools: Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Visual Source Safe 2005
United Nations – C#, Excel, MSAccess, WinForms Developer, NY, NY, 6/09–8/09
·         Treasury Department gave me an Excel file that needed to become an MSAccess database.
·         Designed normalized database table structures.
·         Coded and reused some C# MDI WinForms and components that:
o         Run processes  in  separate threads
§         thread can update the WinForm controls
§         User can start other threads or kill the program cleanly
o         insert the data into the hierarchy of database tables.
o         view the database hierarchy in DataGridViews bound to BindingSources bound to DataSets with DataTables with DataRelations.
First New York Securities – C#, C++, WinForms, SQL Developer, NY, NY,3/09 – 5/09
·         Designed & coded an extendable, C#, Web Scraper console application that automatically downloads an Excel file from a URL, so that no daily, human, web session is needed.
·         Studied the ORC Cameron VendorFIX Protocol Server.  Downloaded their C++ Source code sample application that streams FIX messages.  At the time, vendor did not offer a C# .Net straming version, so I had to figure out a way to pass a C# delegate to the C++ code so that the C++ vendor code could run C# client applications to store portions of the stream into SQL Server tables.
·         Re-factored four legacy C# WinForms Clients that
o         pass a delegate to my new C# Managed Financial Exchange (FIX) Protocol Server.
o         a delegate is a pointer to Client Logic that
§         parses each FIX message; trader, account, price, quantity, etc.
§         updates a SQL Server 2005 database via ADO.NET.
·         Authored a new C# Managed FIX Protocol Server that
o         encapsulates the Platform Invoke (P/invoke) marshalling of unmanaged C++ data
o         passes Client Delegate through to my new C++ Unmanaged FIX Protocol Server.
·         Authored a new C++ Unmanaged FIX Protocol Server that
o         reuses the ORC Cameron vendor’s C++ code for socket & message streaming.
o         runs the Client Delegate Callback logic to process each streamed message.
·         Authored a detailed architectural whitepaper on the 3 classes of components above.
·         Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, Visual Source Safe 2005
Video Bank – C#, ASP.NET, SQL Developer/Project Mgr, Northvale, NJ, 11/08 – 3/09
·         Inherited source code for ASP.NET, C#, web sites, web services, window services, Oracle 10g databases, SQL Server 2005 databases & MSI installers.
·         Purchased workstations & built VMware Virtual Machine (VM) development environments for Visual Studio 2008, Visual Source Safe 2005, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005.
·         Recruited, interviewed & hired four C#, SharePoint, ASP.NET, SQL developers.
·         Performed developer task assignments & software change management.
Montpelier Re - C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Office XML Developer, Montclair, NJ,  7/08 – 10/08
·         Joined a re-insurance web site development team:
·         Installed VM development environment with Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 & Source Gear Vault (similar to Visual Source Safe).
·         Authored a white paper and prototyped a website that produces Microsoft Word 2007 documents via Microsoft Office Open XML automation.
·         Produced JavaScript, CSS, C#, ASP.NET & SQL Server 2005 components for ASP.NET 2.0 reinsurance web sites.
·         Produced SQL Server Procedures, Views, Triggers, Excel Pivot Tables & Charts
·         Coded SQL Server scripts for Reference Table truncation and parent-child table scrubbing.
MainTech - C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Developer, Cranford, NJ, 4/08 – 6/08
·         Implemented SQL Server Caching Notification on
o         Each web session reads database data from a shared memory cache. 
§         Radically improved site performance and user satisfaction.
§         Minimized large, expensive, duplicate database data I/O.
§         The cache is refreshed only when the database data changes.
§         Authored a white paper on the solution for the other developers.
o         Added cached data access & Excel Export to more than 60 web pages.
o         Authored C# classes, SQL Server stored procedures and triggers.
o         Optimized, enhanced and deployed UIs, middleware and data tier.
·         Tools
o         Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, ASP.NET 1.1, C#, SQL Server 2000
o         Visual Source Safe, Intuit QuickBase, Visio
Johnson & Johnson -.NET, C#, Oracle, AquaLogic Plumtree Web Portal Developer, Morris Plains, NJ,8/07 – 4/08
·         Built ASP.NET 2.0, Oracle and Corda objects for AquaLogic/Plumtree web portals.
o         Developed 20 portlets/webparts that communicate with each other.
§         The navigational/tactical transmitter portlet “sends” session variables to the graphical/tabular receiver portlets.

o         Produced 14 Corda graphs on ASP.NET 2.0 portlet pages
§         With generic, pop-up enlargement, print, e-mail & Excel export:
o         Developed 12 ASP.NET 2.0 search/sort/insert/update portlets:

o         Re-factored a C# Web custom control to produce Gantt charts daily/weekly/monthly with cost summaries & cost details:
§         Coded Oracle 9i packages, stored procedures & functions via SQL Navigator 5.5.
o         Authored the SDLC Design Document for the Project
·         Tools
o         Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET
o         Oracle 9i, SQL Navigator 5.5,
o         Aqualogic/Plumtree Portal, Corda 6.0, Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel
IT Solutions Inc. -.NET, SQL Application Architect Developer,7/06 – 8/07
·         CIT Group - .NET 2.0, 1.1 C#, VB.NET, VBA, Oracle, SQL Server, Loan IQ API Application Architect, ASP.NET Web Site, WinForms Developer
o         Tools
§         SharePoint 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005
§         C#, VB.NET, Excel, VBA, XSL Tester
§         .NET Enterprise Library (DAAB)
§         SQL Server 2005, 2000, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL Developer
§         Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, NetMeeting, LiveMeeting
o         Created, configured & administered a SharePoint site
§         Issues List Workflow, Documents, Discussion Group, FAQ, etc.
o         Produced a C#, HTML Parser
§         Converted a large number of HTML files to XML to database tables
o         Produced a .NET 2.0,C#, WinForms, CSV transformer
§         Produced WinForms, business logic, XML file IO, sockets, logging, tiers & classes to:
·         Read, validate & write data via strongly-typed datasets
·         show data and validation errors in DataGridViews
·         allow config updates to a shared XML file
·         transform one CSV format to another
·         log & feedback results to UI users
§         Documented the Test Plans & User Guide
§         Produced the Setup & Deployment package
o         Produced a .NET 2.0,C#, WinForms, Loan IQ, Excel, Conversion Utility
§         Produced WinForms, business logic, XML messaging, file IO, sockets, logging, tiers & classes to:
·         read & validate Excel data into a strongly-typed dataset
·         construct Loan IQ API messages
·         transmit messages over Sockets to the Loan IQ API server
·         log & feedback results to UI users
§         Documented the Test Plans & User Guide
§         Produced the Setup & Deployment package
o         Produced a .NET 2.0, C#, CIT - Loan IQ – markit Alliance Web Site
§         Produced WebForms. master page, user controls, console application, business logic, logging, tiers, classes, Oracle tables & stored procedures to:
·         read XML from markit Website into a strongly-typed dataset
·         read & update Loan IQ Oracle 10g tables via .NET Enterprise Library
·         produce reports & logs with Web Forms & SMTP e-Mail
§         Produced the Setup & Deployment package
o         Produced enhancements to .NET 1.1CFiBoss Insurance Mgmt Web Site
§         Produced WebForms. XSLT, user controls, business logic, logging, tiers, classes, SQL Server 2000 tables, views & stored procedures & functions to expand the application to provide
·         DB tables & UI functions segregated by Business Units
·         a new Tickler UI & once-a-day SMTP Mail job
·         a new, generic, user control UI that converts generic dataset properties into flexible UI filters and “where clauses” for standardized, ad hoc reporting.
o         Created an Excel Add-in that contains VBA to auto destruct 2nd and phantom Excel process instances
§         Used SQL Server Tools for analysis and tuning of databases.
·         Show Execution Plan – can show actual or estimated execution plan of SQL Server's Query Optimizer.
·         Show Server Trace - useful for analyzing query performance, and when comparing the performance of one variation of a query against another.
·         Show Client Statistics - provides application profile, network, and time statistics of Transact-SQL .
·         SQL Analyzer Manage Index tool – helps you to experiment with your table's indexes as you are fine-tuning your queries.
·         Manage Statistics Tool - allows you to modify how SQL Server automatically creates and maintains statistics. You can experiment with different sets of statistics and see how it affects the query optimizer's execution plans
·         Index Tuning Wizard - can be used to recommend optimal indexes for an entire database or for specific queries.
·         Profiler - allows you to capture the communications between your application and SQL Server
·         Ernst & Young - SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services 2005 Developer
o         Produced SQL & Reporting Servicestemplates for E&Y’s new GIS Tool.
Davidsohn – Sybase 12, VB6, Crystal Developer,Wall Street, NY 12/06 – 2/07 (80 hrs total - moonlighting, “its not work, its fun J, concurrent to job above)
·         Produced 3 sets of Sybase tables, stored procedures, views and reports that roll up securities, accounts and products data.  Tools: Sybase Central, SQL Advantage & Crystal Reports 8.5.
·         Researched & integrated a new PDF Concatenation function into the legacy VB6 report engine via ABCpdf from
ADP - .NET 1.1, C#, SQL Server 2000, Application Architect Developer,Roseland, NJ 1/05 – 6/06 (2nd Engagement)
Designed & coded an ASP.NET & WinForms configuration tool
·         allows deployment people to edit system configuration settings.
·         allows developers to Intellisense™ to settings in the component source code
·         across versions, instances, components & clients.
Designed hierarchies of versions, classes & XSD to nest the settings storage.
Leveraged Infragistics NetAdvantage controls for a site navigation menu.
Architected, designed & coded an ASP.NET workflow web site that people use to manage software requirements changes, submissions, rejections & approvals.
·         Designed new SQL Server 2000 database, tables & stored procedures
o         for new Audit Trail functionality
o         to import legacy MS Access data
·         Produced variable site navigation via Windows Authentication on Active Directory Groups/Roles.
·         Leveraged Infragistics ASP.NET controls for a site navigation menu.
Re-factored an ASP.NET Distributed Print Facility Administration web site.
·         Produced variable site navigation via Forms Authentication on web.config Users & Roles.
·         Leveraged Infragistics ASP.NET controls for date UI entry & a site navigation menu.
·         Added client-side scripting to server-side controls.
·         Migrated reports away from SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services.
·         Delivered data to web site via
o         Remoting calls to Windows Services on other machines.
o         Web Services tier linked to SQL Server 2000.
Architected, designed & coded an ASP.NET web site to replace a Gupta Centura Windows application that displays payroll data from IBM mainframes via SNA client.
·         Set breakpoints in Centura Windows to extract data formatting rules.
·         Adjusted legacy, C++, DLL, source code to perform .NET P-Invokes.
·         Engineered the UI to leverage my new ASP.NET User Control to provide:
o         uniform data access for each UI control that needs data.
o         raw data diagnostics sorely needed by field users.
o         caching to eliminate unnecessary, duplicate mainframe traffic.
Produced large volumes of software specifications, ASP.NET architecture, C# code, stored procedures, bug fixes & leadership for ADP's "eOrder" sales web site.  The site manages sales accounts & workflow for billions in annual sales.
·         Implemented Microsoft Application Blocks Exception Handling, site wide.
·         Produced a new ASP.NET user control to standardize the user's DataGrid paging experience, & layered the control into all applicable web pages.
·         Authored or altered dozens of SQL Server 2000stored procedures & C# methods.
·         Researched, coded & documented dozens of bug fixes in the BugTracker tool.
·         Collaborated with & mentored developers, business analysts & testers.
IPP - .NET, C#, VB, SQL Server, Architect Developer,Fairfield, NJ 4/05 – 4/06 (2nd Engagement, part-time moonlighting, concurrent to job above)
·         Delivered the new ePins product line to the IPP suite of payment products
o         XML requests are sent via sockets to request wireless phone, prepaid PINs
o         My new business component DLL
§         uses XML Validating Reader to parse XML requests
§         manages SQL Server 2000stored procedures in transactions
§         returns XML Responses containing PINs to sockets
§         handles XML Void & Acknowledgement Requests & Responses
·         Delivered the new Store Locator for toll-free, phone customers
o         Reused "IVR voice site".
§ receives zip codes spoken/keyed by toll-free, phone customers.
§         posts zip codes to my home-grown web site.
§         queries SQL Server 2000forStore Locations.
§         transmits with Store Locations text responses to
§ voice synthesizes feedback to phone callers.
·         Architected & coded a new IPP "Payment Status & Maintenance" web site that can be accessed by normal browsers or mobile/cellular devices.
Ness - .NET 1.1, C#, SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Developer, Hackensack, NJ 6/04 - 12/04
·         Produced large volumes of C# code & Windows .NET architecture for a medical patient chart application.
o         Dataset AutoMerge function that merges unrelated, concurrent dataset changes, & prevents related, concurrent changes.
o         WinForms Wizard to display & persist datasets via Web Services.
o         Dozens of WinForms & User Controls with dataset binding.
·         Installed, administered, & authored, SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services reports.
·         Worked with clients & authored detailed business analysis documents.
·         3 days of hands-on, hard-core BizTalk 2004 training from a Microsoft guru.
ADP - .NET 1.1,VB, Crystal Reports Developer,Roseland, NJ 11/03 - 6/04
Built 50 WinForms UIs & converted 150 Crystal Reports to Crystal.NET
·         Designed the VB.NET application to deliver the same, stateless business classes & Crystal Reports templates to WebForms & WinForms.
·         Built inherited classes & user controls with French/English localization.
·         Converted 150 legacy Crystal Reports/Subreports to Version 9.
·         Preserved legacy Crystal Reports by remapping them from SQL to datasets.
·         Coded Crystal.ReportEngine for run time grouping, sorting & formulation.
·         Linked to ADP's XML mapped, reflective, .NET classes for dataset fetching.
·         Invented classes to deliver performance statistics.
·         Presented an overview of the project at Microsoft on April 1, 2004.
Amerada Hess - .NET 1.1, ASP, VB, ADO, Crystal Reports, Application Architect Developer,Woodbridge, NJ 6/03 - 7/03
·         Built a new ASP.NET intranet site with Crystal Reports for Work Orders.
·         Reused my own ASP.NET - VB.NET - ADO.NET component library
·         Leveraged a 3rd party, menu widget for intuitive, persistent, site navigation.
·         Delivered the following in 30 business days:
o         Task sheet & schedule
o         15 WebForms & 5 User Controls.
o         Active Directory user authentication
o         New SQL Server with 20 tables
o         Web page-to-Excel, upload process
o         Intuitive error diagnosis, data correction function, on-line help
o         Parent-child ..NET DataGrid edit function with color-coded text boxes, drop downs, check boxes & tool-tips
o         12 Crystal.NET Reports via .NET DataSets & WebForm parameters
o         Crystal.NET -> Adobe & PDF browser outputs.
o         Transfer of Source Safe code & system roadmap to maintenance crew
American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund - VB.NET WinForms Programmer, New York, NY 3/03 - 5/03
·         Worked with a middleware developer to understand the .NET projects that we inherited.
·         Coded the Pension Application, Questionnaire and Award segment with XtraGrid control in a clever MDI, multi-panel framework invented by predecessor
Kraft Foods - VB6, SQL Server 2000 Developer,Parsippany, NJ 10/02 - 12/02
·         Responsible for final design changes, debugging & documentation.
·         20 VB6 COM programs/DLLs & 100 stored procedures.
·         Downloaded UPC Shipment / Scanner data from Kraft, ISIS & Trade Dimensions sources.
·         Populated SQL Server 2000 tables & a Microsoft Analysis Services Data Warehouse.
·         Churned 35 data sources in parallel through the Download, Import, Rekey, Index & Cube processes. 
·         Managed the component & documents in Visual SourceSafe (VSS).
IPP - .NET 1.1, C#, VB, SQL Server 2000, Application Architect,Fairfield, NJ 1/02 - 7/02
·         Designed & coded a Visual Studio .NET & SQL Server 2000 MSDE solution to allow agencies to upload payment transactions from remote locations. 
·         Helped my manager & two programmers to learn VB.NET for Windows, with a focus on 3-tiered philosophy, debugging & coding standards.
·         Built Windows Forms & Web Forms processed by a common business tier. 
·         Built the tables for a new SQL Server 2000 MSDE database.
·         Coded ADO.NET for DataStream, DataSet, DataView, DataRelation & XML.
·         Added inheritance overrides to controls for "HotComboBox" & OnFocus extension.
·         Added a Crystal Reports Viewer, to show payments for any date range.
·         Implemented consistent Try-Catch coding standards to log faulty instruction line numbers & to log the call stack trace. 
Int’l Bond & Marine - VB6, MSAccess, Application Architect, Hoboken, NJ 7/01 - 12/01
·         Designed & built a new insurance claims management system with VB6 COM components & MSAccess database to run with no in-house software support.
·         Gathered & documented software needs from non-technical, business users.  
·         Claims Reps manage financial adjustment items for multiple concurrent claims per session.
·         Provides a unified view of Outlook & WinFax messages linked to each claim.
·         Message Builder to build quick, complete, professional messages with:
o                     Automatic headers, footers, addressees, dates, salutations
o                     Easy boiler plate insertion & archiving
o                     HotComboBox for Outlook contacts.
o                     Direct e-mail delivery or simple export to Outlook & WinFax.
·         Views to legacy FoxPro databases.
·         Sophisticated ad hoc querying, query saving & reporting.
·         Authored the system specifications, user guide, acceptance test plans.
Merck-Medco - VB6, Panagon WorkFlo Developer, Fair Lawn, NJ 11/00 - 5/01
·         High volume, medical prescription, fax traffic automation.  
·         Developed a syllabus & conducted weekly seminars on VB6 & COM topics.
·         Converted the user interface from Gupta Centura SQL Windows to an n-tiered, VB6 solution.
·         Business tier & Sybase, MQ, & Panagon WorkFlo data tiers with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
·         Created a new Intranet Web Site to allow administrators to unlock "hung" work objects. 
·         Coded a VB6 tool that loads work objects & graphs performance of dispatch & browse times as work queue sort rules are applied & tweaked.
Thomson Financial - VB6, SQL Server 7 Application Architect,75 Wall St, 4/00 - 10/00
·                     Designed & coded a VB6 Financial Research & Targeting System to identify institutional buying patterns based on Institutional/Ticker/Peer Group financial factors. 
·         Built a new MS SQL Server database & reused legacy tables.
·         Coached an ASP developer to use my new business tier components that deliver XML stylized with XSL as HTML.
·         Mentored other project managers in engineering n-tiered, software solutions.
Reed - Elsevier – VB 6.0, Oracle Developer/Mgr, New Providence, NJ 2/00 - 4/00.
·         Managed five Visual Basic 6.0 developers, three Oracle 8 developers and four QA Testers in the pre-production, QA phase of a mission-critical, Editorial Management System. 
·         Developed and documented software tasks in the Test Director tool. 
·         Managed and prioritized the last 300 tasks created by developers, users and QA people.  
·         Coded VB 6.0 code and OraclePL/SQL to fix 10 software bugs. 
Snickelways - VB6, SQL Server 7 Developer, New York, NY, 10/99-2/00
·         Directed & performed various software for a business-to-business, E-commerce site.
·         Authored VB6 application that copies parent & child SQL Server 7 departments, categories, products, variants & prices to a new wholesaler.
·         Modified a VB6 application that uploads departments, categories, products, variants & prices from Excel to SQL Server 7 via stored procedures & Excel automation.
·         Led a team to find off-the-shelf, knowledge management solutions.  Conducted meetings to match our software delivery re-engineering needs with vendors' solutions.
·         Received Microsoft training in Site Server 3, Commerce Edition 3. 
SunChemical - VB6 Developer, Fort Lee, NJ, 11/98-3/99.
·         Extended Marcam Protean APIs with VB6.
ICS – Software Project Manager, Paramus, NJ, 7/98-10/98
·                     Managed a team of 10 developers & QA professionals in the business needs analysis, design, specifications, development, testing, documentation, customer relationships & teamwork assurance for a replacement Revenue Audit & Analysis System for the Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority. 
·                     VB 5.0, ORACLE 8.0 stored procedures, Excel Automation, custom ActiveX controls & components, Crystal Reports 6.0, Sheridan Grid Controls, VSView controls, DataReporter controls, ActiveReports Controls & Visual SourceSafe were deployed in a database of approximately 100 tables.
·                     Designed & wrote VB 6.0 code for an Ad Hoc Reporting module with a custom screen to help a user sort any combination of fields via any "relevant where clause" for any table in the system without writing SQL. Output generated through a 3rd party Data Reporter control to print professional quality reports. Output recordset easily exported to Excel.
·                     Designed & wrote VB Excel Automation code that reads daily bridge & tunnel traffic & revenue data into other Excel files that were previously managed by countless hours of tedious manual cut & pasting.
Ernst & Young - VB5 Developer, Lyndhurst, NJ, 5/98-7/98
·                     Developed four VB 5.0/Access applications for a data warehouse management prototype. 
·                     Converted the applications to ActiveX documents accessible through Internet Explorer.
JP Morgan - VB5 Developer, New York, NY, 5/97-4/98
·         Built a VB 5.0 front-end for a Facilities Management Help Desk System.
·         Built a VB 5.0 front-end & Crystal Reports for a Hotel Management System.
·         Coded Summit Basic & Crystal Reports to customize an ARCHIBUS front-end.
AT&T - VB4 Developer, Somerset, NJ, 11/96-1/97
·         Coded VB4, MSAccess, Sybase & Crystal Reports enhancements for ATT's Telemarketing Operations Management System. 
·         Coded a VBA solution that updates Excel with data from Sybase.
Applied Tactical Systems - VB4 Developer, Fairfield, NJ, 7/96-10/96
·         Built VB/SQL applications for Pillsbury's warehouse management system.
·         Coded Inventory QA Reporting, Orders Maintenance, Orders Reporting, Returns Authorization Maintenance & Lot Trace functions. 
WorldCom - C Developer, Jackson, MS, 8/95-11/95. 
·         Designed & coded a Solaris UNIX C program that translates a binary file to for a telephone switching application. 
·         Built an MSAccess solution for pager network capacity planning & channel performance management. 
DSA – Software Developer, Pennsauken, NJ, 9/83-12/93. 
·         Responsible for management, proposal, design, coding, testing for software written in assembler, FORTRAN & C. 
·         Delivered training around the globe. 
·         Coded message trace & retrieval software for the US Army.
·         Installed, acceptance tested, & provided training for an X.25 & telex handler at the Qatar Public Telephone Company. 
·         Recognized a new market, engaged the first customers, developed specifications & closed the first sale for a warehouse management system. 
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