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I have been following this site for a while now, gives Licensed Software for free for a given time period (24 hrs) when installed within that period you can use the licensed software for free legally! offers also include games. While one shouldn't expect large packages or software's given for free this gives a good opportunity for not so big developers or for good products to be featured and gets good PR. This mutually beneficial promotion gave Giveawayoftheday a very good subscriber base, both in visitors and developers looking for promoting there software. Developers of the software decide the level of licence that's given, mostly it comes only as promotion and does not has support or updates unless the license is bought exclusively. Better Deal than a Shareware, All in all its a win, win, win situation for all.

How it works:

The Software's and Games are Distributed in a packager that connects to the site to check if the offer period is valid and then lets you install the software and license key. While I don't always install everything that is featured so far, Giveawayoftheday has featured some pretty cool software and tools helping in increasing your computing experience.

Today's Free Licensed Software and Game:

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