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I posted this in many forums long before i had my blogs, and recently found that many ppl still dont do this essential backup and hav serious problems fixing back there systems pain is worse for guys who hav many things setup just as they want in there systems since long and now they are forced to do it all again. this problem occurs due to power failure or due to improper (hard boot) shutdown. the most common error is “ windows system file corrupt or missin ” actually wen the system hardboots or has a powerloss there is a possiblity of window registry corruption. this results in the following error. the file resides in c:\windows\system32\config folder along with other registry modules.

system file is responsible for ur system configuration; sofware file has ur installed software registry compnents like its registration keys etc etc.. these files increase in size along with usage of ur os and since there are constantly in use by the os u cant copy them from within the os. and sometimes neither defrag them. thus wen ther’s a power loss / hardboot there is high probability that ur beloved os might be in serious trouble. mostly minor problems can be fixed with windows repair cd but not many a times. now u knw why new os are faster than old one’s caz ther reigstry is new n fresh so as to speak.

here are a few tips that will help u keep ur system running with out any problems.

Keep ur OS Partition in fat32 format so that in times of need u can boot with dos bootable disk to fix the minor problems which otherwise b'comes major if u cant boot into the partion as ntfs.
NTFS is a great file system has a loads of features, i hav all my drives in ntfs except for the one my OS is residing in and this saved me a lot. saving time and easy hassle free fixing.

hav a copy of windows config folder as a backup. u can boot in dos with a bootable disk to do this. path : c:\windows\system32\config. and restore it in case u system crashes and this critical error pop’s up. remember to keep this backup updated as wen restored it will only hav the settings and keys of softwares wen backup’d so if not updated regularly ur new installations will not work.

there’s a very beautiful tool from sysinternals that defrags ur registry files during boot time, pops up just like chkdsk instance. result : improves ur system perfomance too and keeps ur files intact.
download the tool here. (35kb)

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There are a number of tools for accessing NTFS from a boot disk. Windows PE, NTFSDOS, etc... There isn't much reason to keep FAT32 around any longer.
Left by Colin Bowern on Jan 27, 2006 1:04 AM

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u can also get dos access even in ntfs with recovery cd i meant the easiest way and most widely advised is to keep the opreating system drive in fat format.

ps: do not use ntfsdos if u hav compression enabled it corrupts ur files.
Left by Umesh on Jan 27, 2006 3:51 AM

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