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  Microsoft Researchers Jim Larus and Galen Hunt lead an intriguing project where they've built an OS using managed code. The project is known as Singularity. In their own words:

Singularity is a research project focused on the construction of dependable systems through innovation in the areas of systems, languages, and tools. “We are building a research operating system prototype (called Singularity), extending programming languages, and developing new techniques and tools for specifying and verifying program behavior.”

Singularity's kernel being successfully written in C# (how cool is that!), there are all kinds of interesting lessons learned with respect to what a managed OS enables. Again, this is a prototype research OS, not a full fledged OS that can run the typical applications you've come to expect of an OS (or even provide a user interface beyond, say, that of DOS).

Links: research, channel9.

Singularity – " is impossible to predict how a singularity will affect objects in its causal future." - NCSA Cyberia Glossary

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# re: Singularity: A research OS written in C#
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I watched the video.
one word: Awesome!

One additional advantage (never cited) on writing a C# OS is:
have you ever compared 2 source code, one in C, one in C# doing the same thing?

The C# version is, usually, amazingly clearer, shorter, neatter and more maintainable. (And easier to debug too).
Same for the OS.

But do not despair, I'm sure it will eventually made into the windows kernel, as a performance module for running pure and safe .NET assemblies.... ;)
Left by Lloyd on Jul 05, 2005 9:08 AM

# re: Singularity: A research OS written in C#
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Anything that furthers the the security and dependablity of os's is bennifical. From what I've read this could be an intersting posible future for os's.

Left by rob on Nov 06, 2005 9:25 AM

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